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‘That One’ is the new ‘Maverick’

It can’t be easy being a politician these days. The millisecond something comes out of your mouth it is all over the blogs and twitter. It becomes pop culture comedy before the next question is asked. 

Seriously though, the lack of respect used in a comment like ‘That one’ had the crowds going wild. Here is the clip on YouTube. WSJ posted this at 10:57. (how did they type and proof so fast?) McCain campaign adviser Charlie Black said he didn’t believe McCain meant any disrespect and that Obama’s campaign was spinning the remark.

Uh, I think not. That was rude. No matter who you are voting for.

So much noise. And me? I am becoming a noise junky. How did I watch the debate? Having the miserable experience great pleasure of trying to bang out a job before the holiday tomorrow I was watching at my desk. Being a new Twitter junkie user I stumbled upon a website called ‘current’ that was hosting what they called a Hack-a-thon of the debate. 

In short, they streamed the debate and opened up a tagged twitterstream were participants could have tweets visible across the screen.

Translation for those who don’t know what the hell I am talking about. There was a YouTube style screen and people were kind of instant messaging to a common place and their comments would come up on the bottom of the screen.

Ok, so maybe elbow deep in Photoshop layers on a project with a streaming debate including constant commentary may be a little over the top. Even for me. Did I mention that I kept taking screen shots of my fave comments too? Yes, I have a severe illness.

Here are my two faves:

In case you are reading this on a handheld and can’t see the pics, the first one says: Ironic-the Presidential debate is coming on right after “The Biggest Loser”

The second: Drinking on: change, hope, maverick, reform, economy, bailout, nuclear. did i miss any?

What this means is that they were at a debate party where they do shots whenever those words are mentioned. (one drunk crowd for sure). A milder version of this game was debate bingo. I did see a comment later on that said: One more maverick and I have Bingo.

Yes, the game has surely changed indeed.

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On my nerves in the news

How many of you are sick of the latest over-used sound bites in the news lately? Liz you have already voiced tweeted your distaste for the first one.

Here are the ones that make me the craziest. Feel free to send me others in the comments.

From Wall Street to Main Street (number 1 most over-used term)

A heartbeat from the presidency (too scary to comment)

The golden parachute (downgraded to silver?)

I’ll get back to ya on that (kill me now)

A regular woman like you and me (I am nothing like this woman!!)

Consumer confidence (there is none)

Market adjustment (that was one hell of an adjustment)

Derivatives (derivative of what? that is the big question)

Bailout (this is a bad word. we need a new name for this. let’s rebrand this baby. anyone? bueller?)

Maverick (this infers reckless behavior to me)

Joe six-pack (I like my Joe’s with an anatomical six-pack, thanks)

First dude (sheesh!)

Watching the debates tonight I noticed that there were quite a few people on Twitter playing Palin bingo (I love that idea). They were thrilled when she said Maverick (how many times was that by the way?)

Her winking and dropping of the g on all ing words… not so much.

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