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Time to Cry Tuesday – Lifestyles of the Rich & Clueless


Prada purple stone nylon patent trim medium tote from Bluefly

Yesterday Newsday ran an article titled, Luxury retailers hit as wealthy LIers cut back, too. Catchy title, right? Actually terrible title. LIers means Long Islanders in this context, but hey, this looks mysteriously like LIARS to me.

In the wake of AIG rage, a reporter did a piece on how the wealthy in my neck of the woods are ‘cutting back’ in reaction to the economic crisis. Touching. Seriously folks, is the best use of ink on paper? Does it help for the average Long Island resident to read these sound bites? It feels as if the media is out there fueling the divide. Why? Maybe because it is so entertaining to read this stuff:

There was a time not long ago when Marina Stern of Great Neck would buy a $1,500 shirt without thinking twice. She can still afford to, she said, but now, she’s more likely to go for the one costing $500.

No I am not kidding, that was a direct copy and paste. Marina, I am thinking perhaps you should have kept that inane comment to yourself, not making you look so good hon. The funny thing for me was that I really had no idea you could actually buy a $1,500 shirt. I mean, what’s the point? Chances are I would probably drop something and stain it anyway.

Don’t worry, it gets better:

While no one has yet requested a plain wrapper for their purchases at Prada in Manhasset, some are asking that multiple purchases go into one bag. “A lot of them say, ‘I don’t want to be too showy,'” an employee said. “What if they randomly walked into a girlfriend who lost a ton of money and their husband lost a job? It would feel funny.”

Funny? SERIOUSLY! Um, only mention of the husband losing a job? Oh right, women don’t work in this group, but apparently they do have the ability to *lose a ton of money*.

Here is another gem:

 “They’re still buying luxury but maybe not the big purple bag with stones on it,” said the Prada employee. “Instead of two $3,000 jackets, they’re saying ‘OK, I have to choose one.'”

Maybe the reason you should not buy the big purple bag with stones on it is because IT IS UGLY! Never mind the $1,000+ price tag.

Ok, enough! You get the point. Understand, this is not the norm on Long Island. Not even on the ‘Gold Coast’. This is a stereotypical representation of the wealthy in our area. They are no different in the OC, or Palm Springs, Miami or New England. These people are a parody. Of themselves perhaps. And the media that feeds off their clueless behavior is adding no value to society.

Hey, things are hard enough out there. Must we feed off this stuff  in anger? 

I will leave you with a comedic comment from the friend who linked me to this article early this morning:

I have vomited from these people my whole life. Now I can openly show my disdain for them. It is fashionable. Lets go to the [local belly of the beast restaurant] and have some fun.  

Perhaps, my friends, this has all simply become sport.

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Ahhhh… today the NYT Women’s Fashion Magazine arrived. Ok, so if you know me it is obvious I don’t pay all that much attention to fashion. But the NYT Fashion issue? That I LOVE.

It is the art director in me that brings you this brief commentary. (this is certainly funnier with the issue in front of you, but still pretty funny without it).

Cover: Black lipstick? Under no circumstances is this flattering, you will never convince me it is. And the photoshop work on this shot is awful (note the hair).

Inside front cover spread: Ralph Lauren leapord stuff… not my thing but I must admit the shoes are wildly hot.

Gucci: Garments and accessories suffer from materials overload with hippie-in-the-poppy-fields layout… is it me, or is this off-brand?

Chanel: Beautiful layout. Ok dress. But what is with the one-armed, lace, fingerless, elbow-high glove? Chanel does Micheal Jackson?

Louis Vuitton: Orgasm on the ferris wheel while hitting myself on the head with a gold lamé bag?

Armani: Ok, there is a model on the second page of this spread that looks like a severely drugged geisha. In a oh so creepy this is kind of freaking me out sort of way. And I am pretty sure her entire head was retouched into this shot. Poorly. None of this makes me want to buy the dress she is wearing – which is actually quite elegant but the lighting is so dark I cannot really tell.

Calvin Klein: I am simply frightened by the shape of her hair while being wildly curious about how they achieved that.

Prada: Ugly clothes. Uglier layout. (I have always felt this way about Prada – to me this designer is the Emperor’s new clothes).

and last, but certainly not the least absurd…

Hermes: What the hell were you guys thinking? Is this woman actually walking a… what is that? A buffalo? Or a yak? (Gary says definitely a yak) On a leash!!

Ok, so I don’t know much about fashion. But you have to admit that I am kind of funny (and maybe more truthful than all those fashionistas would like to admit).

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