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The Dalai Lama is on facebook?!

Yeh, he really is. And thanks to my friend Gail who liked his page I know that because it came up in my recommend section. I clicked on the page and found out that 8 more of my friends liked it too (you know who you are).

So how do we feel about his? I mean, why not, right? 600 million people can’t be wrong and 1,387,251 of them have actively liked his page.

Imagine how many like him off facebook.

I love that his location is listed as Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I don’t know, I just never thought of him as having an office.

The whole thing seemed sort of odd to me at first but then when I thought about it, isn’t social media fully aligned with his teachings. And hey, where else can you connect with so many with such little effort.

And I thought being followed by Jesus and Moses on twitter was a big deal!


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Orthodox Chews

This hysterical item was sent to me by my BBFF, Liz. I do so love a good play on words. And the font is perfect. This rivals the yarmulkap, or as I affectionately called it the yid lid.

Not sure when salt water taffy became ‘A Chewish Tradition’ but I have to give this company credit for coming up with the whole concept. This, I am sure, will be a hit at every Passover seder this year.

Of course I had to check out their website and they had me at the opening line:

For over 5000 years, your family and friends have been waiting for you to treat them to something special. With one simple act, all is forgiven. Delicious Orthodox Chews Gourmet Salt Water Taffy are the answer of the ages. A gift of Orthodox Chews or Orthodox Chews SugarFree is a gift of love.

The call to action is simply priceless:

Order now! Don’t let another 1000 years slip by!

The tagline?

Orthodox Chews. The Chosen Chews.


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Time to Cry Tuesday – Just Kids

I don’t usually do book reviews here at Time to Cry, but this one I could not resist. I just finished reading Patti Smith’s Just Kids and it left an indelible mark on me. A promise made to a soul mate on the day before he died to write their story makes this all the more poignant.

Not because I am a fan of Patti Smith (although I am) or of Robert Mapplethorpe (I am(ish) with a caveat that some of his work is just way too graphic for me). But because this is the story of two of people who were their art. And simply because this is one of the truly great love stories. Not just of romance, but of  two people who were inextricably linked. The story of young artists feeding each other’s souls in a way that is almost difficult to understand. In many ways they were but one soul. Their relationship started as a romantic one and transcended Mapplethorpe’s coming out.

With NYC of the late 60s and early 70s as it’s backdrop, Smith has woven their story almost as if it were poetry.

As with any biographical account, I am sure the omissions where plenty and the story romanticized a bit, but the net of it all is that these two people were so incredibly connected. In many ways, one completed the other. They reveled in each other’s fame and suffered from each other’s failures. Their sense of responsibility to one another was inspiring.

If you create, this will give you chills. If you don’t, it gives you insight into the minds and hearts of those who do. And if you have ever loved deeply, this will give you a good old fashioned Time to Cry at the end.


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Life with a Diabetic Dog – Part 2

In case you did not read Part 1, you can see it here.

Basic facts: dog is diabetic and needs to have insulin shots 2x a day. On the weekends I stay in bed a little later and my sweet husband takes care of feeding and ‘shooting’ the dog before he leaves for tennis.

Last time the note on the counter was shit. shot. fed.

Today, he was feeling a little abbreviated, I guess.

Gottta love it.

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Ultimate Kid Travel Meal

I admit it, I was incredibly indulgent with my kids when it came to food. If I had to do it again I would probably not have done that. (sorry kids)

It would appear this family took it to the next level. I snapped this pic on a flight (from hell) home from Florida.

Macaroni sandwich anyone?

Have to admit, this one was pretty creative.


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Retirement Camp

We used to visit my kids at camp in the summer.

Now we visit my in-laws at camp in the winter.

I am happy to report they are having a wonderful time and we are pretty sure we won’t have to send any care packages… Publix is right down the road.



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Time to Cry Tuesday – Coping

Air travel in the year 2011… it’s a crap shoot. Weather. Fees. Lack of customer service. Delays. It all makes leaving the basement a little bit harder, but worth it. And honestly, I do sort of live for the little bag of animal crackers.

It seems once things start to go wrong, they do so in a really big way. The more you bitch the worse it gets… the harder you pull the tighter it gets.

Like the man at the counter who asked the woman, “why did the later flight to LGA leave before us?” AND, he was nasty about it.

My answer? “Because it did.”

Really? I mean sir with the white hair and the white sweater at JetBlue gate 14  at PBI last night… did you really think that poor woman needed to be tortured by the likes of you?

Weather makes planes late. Period.

And when it does, it can do so with a vengeance. Here is my tale:

3 hour delay, 1 hour on runway, the worst turbulence – which is not an issue for me but others… yikes, circled JFK for 1 hour, (pilot talked of low fuel – why do they do that exactly?), diverted to Newark – oops no runway, circled some more, diverted to Dulles, circled some more (um about that low fuel comment?), turbulent landing (remind me why I am now in DC, again), hour and a half on ground IN hot cranky plane in DC, turbulent take-off, turbulent landing and finally landed at JFK around 2AM . Not bad for a 4PM flight from PBI. Oh and of course an hour for the bags to come out… on the wrong carousel.

And what did I learn? Basically, when it starts to go wrong you just have to roll with it. Coping makes it less unbearable – panic makes it worse and bitching just makes you… well, a bitch.

Yes, it is uncomfortable, yes it is an inconvenience, and for many it is traumatic.

And then its over.


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Friends with Benefits

For my family, the only upside of the protests in Madison is the living classroom it provides for my kids. Jana went up to the Capitol to document the event and this is one of my favorite shots.

When teachers are the protestors the slogans are surely one notch up on the clever scale.

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Condom Monkey?

Oh yeh… go bananas from this one. I simply love the idea of custom promotional condoms. But I love the name and the tagline even more.

So much for subtlety.

Now I just have to figure out which client I can convince to do these.

A big thanks to Cathy S. for sending this one in.

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Time to Cry Tuesday – MyCeliac Friend

Sometimes tough things happen to little people. Things that make them ask, ‘Why me?’ Things they feel they will never be able to overcome.

And then there is ‘The Reason.’

I have had the pleasure of mentoring a charming young blogger who has been dealt the difficult hand of living with Celiac. If you are unfamiliar, those who suffer from this illness need to live a Gluten-Free life.

According to Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is a genetic disorder that affects at least 1 in 133  Americans. There are a host of complications that I will leave you to explore if you wish.

But what I am here to tell you about is not how sad it is that she has this illness, but how she has learned to LIVE with it – and to take it one step further. How she found her voice, took the hardest thing in her life and committed to helping other teens feel a little less alone in their struggle.

The daily complications of navigating adolescence is hard enough, trying to do so with such strict dietary restrictions takes it to a whole new level. When her mom came to me I totally related as I had suffered from severe food allergies as a teen and could not eat wheat or chocolate. This was back in the day where specialty foods where unheard of (you know, because I am old). I remember the way it felt when everyone was eating pizza and soft pretzels, chocolate shakes and pasta and I was sitting with my little plastic cup of sliced turkey and carrot sticks. Yeh, I was really pretty cool at the cafeteria table. But I dealt.

And so is she. After surfing the blogosphere with her mom, they found that there were no blogs written by teens living a gluten-free life. She thought that it would be a great idea to connect with the teen Celiac community, and maybe even help them cope with tips, recipes and basically a place to go where other people understood.

Take a jump over to her blog, myceliac, a teenager’s gluten-free life. I guarantee you will be inspired.

Glass half full, at its finest.



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