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Life with a Diabetic Dog – Part 2

In case you did not read Part 1, you can see it here.

Basic facts: dog is diabetic and needs to have insulin shots 2x a day. On the weekends I stay in bed a little later and my sweet husband takes care of feeding and ‘shooting’ the dog before he leaves for tennis.

Last time the note on the counter was shit. shot. fed.

Today, he was feeling a little abbreviated, I guess.

Gottta love it.

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Life with a Diabetic Dog

Oh, and with my husband, of course. A man of brevity, Gary leaves me little notes on the kitchen counter if he leaves before I get up. (he is such a romantic).

I have been battling the plague some sort of sinus/respiratory thing this week and slept in this morning since I was up hacking half the night. I came downstairs to make a cup of tea and found this note on the counter.

Translation: Let the dog out and she did her business, gave her insulin and fed her.

It’s good to laugh first thing in the morning, thanks G.


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