Orthodox Chews

This hysterical item was sent to me by my BBFF, Liz. I do so love a good play on words. And the font is perfect. This rivals the yarmulkap, or as I affectionately called it the yid lid.

Not sure when salt water taffy became ‘A Chewish Tradition’ but I have to give this company credit for coming up with the whole concept. This, I am sure, will be a hit at every Passover seder this year.

Of course I had to check out their website and they had me at the opening line:

For over 5000 years, your family and friends have been waiting for you to treat them to something special. With one simple act, all is forgiven. Delicious Orthodox Chews Gourmet Salt Water Taffy are the answer of the ages. A gift of Orthodox Chews or Orthodox Chews SugarFree is a gift of love.

The call to action is simply priceless:

Order now! Don’t let another 1000 years slip by!

The tagline?

Orthodox Chews. The Chosen Chews.


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11 responses to “Orthodox Chews

  1. Captain Obvious

    Too awesome. I’ve always loved salt water taffy (had em all my growin up as a kid) but this is just too amazin. I want some!

    • so funny, me too. i remember buying it in Lake George as a kid and thinking it was almost worth the risk of yanking out every filling in my head!

  2. Liz

    When I saw this it screamed “AMY.” But seriously? I think that these were invented by a dentist to up his business. Jews who chew will end up in the chair…

  3. J.

    And for Easter there’s Chews for Jesus. (O/T, Did you get my email re the Kiss Kondoms?)

    • J, you really should guest blog over here.

      Yes I did but I have been accused of being condom heavy on my posts so thought I would save it for a future date. Did love it though

      • J.

        That is one of the nicest compliments I have ever received. I’m flattered, but I don’t have your mad graphic skillz and you don’t really need me (sniff). Re the Kiss Kondoms, I hear you. And no pressure. I’ve been a little Brooklyn Decker boob heavy myself (though it does bring in the traffic).

  4. That was a really funny last sentence

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