Ultimate Kid Travel Meal

I admit it, I was incredibly indulgent with my kids when it came to food. If I had to do it again I would probably not have done that. (sorry kids)

It would appear this family took it to the next level. I snapped this pic on a flight (from hell) home from Florida.

Macaroni sandwich anyone?

Have to admit, this one was pretty creative.


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5 responses to “Ultimate Kid Travel Meal

  1. Ever heard of a chip butty? That’s a sandwich with French fries. Or a deep-fried Mars Bar? It’s a delicacy in Scotland apparently. Salt and vinegar optional.

  2. Amyz5

    Orla, hose are some funky delicacies!

  3. margi

    Ha. Ew.. Hey might be a natural sleeping agent, all those carbs, and this parent is ON to it?? 🙂 Showed this to my little guy. His response: YUM! Guess I’ll be packing up the mac and bread next trip!!

    • The kid was happy as could be when he was eating, but later on when the flight was so delayed he was in a carb-frenzied misery. Ok, maybe it wasn’t the carbs, could have been the circling.

      Hey, what kid wouldn’t love this? There was even a side of banana.

  4. Ivy Mindlin

    Hey, it wasn’t all carbs. There is a banana in the background…are that could of just been mom’s leftovers

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