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Note from Your Wife

Once again, a big thank you to Susan who has become a better magnet for crazy signage than I.

This one comes to you from our local paint and hardware store. I would assume that after countless husbands came back into their store with tails between their legs, they decided to have a little fun with it and give a gentle nudge towards encouraging spousal approval.

I thought of this yesterday as I was in the supermarket picking up dinner. There in the middle of the store, was a husband staring at a shopping list with a dazed and confused look on his face. Then I saw him dial his cell phone. He was someone I knew so I asked, “Not empowered to make that decision?” and he just cracked up.

What is it about married couples? Are we wives simply ridiculous control freaks or are our husbands truly incapable of these small domestic decisions because we have been handling them for so long?

Or both?


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What we say vs. what they hear

Today I was having a lovely conversation with my brother. We have been phone tagging most of the week and it was nice to finally catch up.

Somewhere towards the end of the conversation I said that I had to get going because ‘I had to go food shopping.’

He hesitated and then said, “What did you say?!”, with a bit of surprise in his voice. I told him that I had to go food shopping and thought, jeez, his life must be mighty dull for him to ask me to repeat that.

“Oh!”, he said, “I thought you said you had to give a blow job.”

Really?! I mean this was my friggin’ brother, mind you, not my husband who I would expect this response from.

Not sure if this was a hearing issue, like yoga vs. yogurt, or simply my theory of the answer to every question being, “a little head would be nice” still holding up.


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Man and Machine

This is a quiz. Which makes a man happier, a power washer or a leaf blower?

I suppose that is a trick question. (Don’t know why but I love this piece of clip art – maybe it is his stance with the hose between his legs, just makes me laugh)

Show of hands ladies, do any of you care to use one of the items… EVER?

Yeh, thought not. In fact the other day on twitter I heard a woman say, “leaf blowers are the soundtrack of hell”. Made me laugh. I personally think nightclub techno-pop music is the soundtrack of my nightmares so I appreciated her aversion to white noise.

Something about a guy and a hose of any kind (air or water) that just makes sense from a Mars and Venus point of view.

He was muddy when he was done, but damn was Gary happy this afternoon. Raquet in the AM, power washing in the afternoon. Doesn’t get much better than this.

Life is good.

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