Spaghetti Muffins?

No joke, I took this picture at the store located conveniently at the end of our block, Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace. Go ahead, click that link and listen to the music on that site. Believe it or not, every time I shop there I am subjected to that! What happened to Beatles Muzak?

Back to the spaghetti muffins, at the economical price of 3.99 each. So what are these? Main course? Side dish? Hockey puck? What do you think the binding agent in these suckers are? And just for kicks, how many points on Weight Watchers? (does WW still use points?)

So, my friends, I showed this picture to Gary who told me they are just called spaghetti muffins, that is not really spaghetti in them? REALLY, hon? What would that be then, twine?

Not going to lie, I was in there again tonight picking up some ingredients and was really tempted to buy him one of these.

Anyone in PW try them yet? Please do tell!


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13 responses to “Spaghetti Muffins?

  1. Ellen

    Looks as though there is aspic involved!

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  3. Dr Jimmy

    Food interaction has never been your husband’s strong point…who else orders egg whites with a bialey at The Cracker Barrel in Nashville Tenn.??

  4. judy

    funny thing….mitch is a HUGE fan of thr spaghetti muffin–you’ll have to ask him. (he loves spaghetti, loves muffins–what could be bad??)

    • O.M.G. just got this email from Mitch and seriously this could be the pinnacle of my blogging experience. who knew a doc could sell so eloquently:

      Amy – I have been eating one spaghetti mufiin per week since Uncle G’s has been making them, about a year. They are a tantilizing, delectable treat, that can serve as an appetizer, snack or light dinner after tennis with a side of salad. I recommend you not only try one, but make them an integral part of your life, as I have have done.

  5. Zaide

    what could be bad? Italians use leftover spaghetti with eggs and meat in a morning pancake. Next time we are over, b uy one IWRU.

  6. Denise Zack

    OMG is right! On my annual visit to family on Long Island (we come from San Diego) we stopped @ Uncle G’s. I HAD to get one of these “just because”. What a treat! Toss in some eggs & cheese into your leftover spaghetti – drop it in a tin and bake. WARNING – The SM’s @ Uncle G’s are heartly! They weight about as much as a small child. ENJOY!

  7. dawn F

    Spagetti muffins are great. Serve them with some sauce on the side!

  8. Mils

    So those muffins are delish
    Meat(as in mini meatballs)
    Heat we cut the “muffin” in half plate it on a plate with warm spaghetti sauce
    Salad on the side n your done
    Ps they used to be 3/10.00 and it turns out I have a friend whose mom used to do this with leftover spaghetti

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