Time to Cry Tuesday – Trickledown Homophobia

No, I did not come up with that gem of a title, I borrowed it from Kathy Griffith. I urge you all to view the video at the bottom of this post and hear more about what she has to say on the topic. She is calm, reasonable, compassionate and using her fame to help reach out and fix a big piece of what is broken.

In light of the tragic suicide of a young man at Rutgers University, it has become glaringly obvious how crushingly hurtful homophobic acts can be. What some may try to explain away as a ‘college prank’ has turned into the end of a beautiful life. The life of someone’s son.

This is not remotely acceptable on any level. It cannot be justified, defended or explained away. It is simply wrong.

Gay is not an insult. It is not something to be ashamed of or tormented for. It is not a political stance, although many have been forced to defend it in political arenas. It is not to be whispered or snickered about. Being gay is simply a sexual orientation. That’s it!

Please watch this video.


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2 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Trickledown Homophobia

  1. A similar video was circulated on Facebook, and everyone I know shared it on – it’s a subject close to the heart of many.

    It’s terrible that young people feel such pressure, heartbreaking that so many promising young lives end because people are so cruel.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. margi

    Couldn’t follow this sad story up to now. Watched Kathy’s video tho. Great job. This was not a harmless prank and prosecution should reflect such. Well said Amy. Being gay is as NORMAL for folks as is being straight for others. This isn’t rocket science. Sad.

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