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Fun With International Symbols


I work long hours. My office is in the basement and every once in awhile you can find me laughing out loud down here. You know my motto, it is always good to find little things to amuse yourself.

Last night I was doing an image search for an infographic project and I needed to weed through pages of stock icon art. I almost passed this one by, but (no pun intended) the yellow struck me and I stopped. Then I tilted my head a bit and took another look. Was this what I thought it was? Um… yeh. The search term field had it spelled out loud and clear:

Rectal exam.

International symbol for rectal exam?! Well, I suppose this would come in handy in a foreign country. You know, when you are having some intestinal distress and taking over the counter meds doesn’t make as much sense as having a friggin’ rectal by someone who does not speak your language. Would this be off the street signage? Exactly where would we find this symbol?

I also came across this series:



Not sure why mom/baby, wheel chair guy and trash man find their way to same page as pee boy and squatting pee boy (what the hell is that?) BTW, I believe the little squatter is wearing a shirt and no pants… wrong on all sorts of level. I love the legs up on the toilet guy. That would come in handy when illustrating a piece about perverts that hide in ladies rooms. Or my fave – the kneeling pucker, AKA the international symbol for  college freshman.

Anyone want to take a crack at the one next to pukey boy? Does that illustrate the pain one feels when trying to flush one’s foot down the toilet?

OK, I admit it. Sometimes my job is more fun than recreation. Sometimes my job IS recreation.

And seriously, who can pass up a little bathroom humor.

Thanks istockphoto, for an entertaining evening.


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Halloween (vol.1) Dr. Seymour Bush


This is the beginning of my countdown to Halloween series. I LOVE Halloween. When I was in art school it was the best day of the year. Costumes were way over the top creative. I always been one for making costumes, but that does not mean I do not appreciate the mass market versions.

Today I stopped into one of those Halloween Marts that pop up in empty stores for the month before Halloween. There were all sorts of spooky things in there. I was shooting away, so over the next few days you will see the best of what I shot.

This first one is probably the best. I would be furious about the sexist tone of this costume if it were not so pathetic. I love this package. Doesn’t the model look like George Costanza?

1. Um Seymour Bush? Are you KIDDING me? Could we possibly be more sophomoric? You really have to laugh at this.

2. Adult Costume. Oh great, glad this was clearly marked. I am sure many mothers were standing in front of this sucker wondering if they should buy it for their sons.

3. One size fits most. Most what? Neanderthals?

4. One Plus Size Lab Coat. So you are saying that this is a costume for a big fat guy, right?

Yeh, this sucker is sure to get you laid on Halloween. I know most women would find this baby so appealing there would be no way they could resist going home with the (chubby) guy who chose to wear it. 

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