Fun With International Symbols


I work long hours. My office is in the basement and every once in awhile you can find me laughing out loud down here. You know my motto, it is always good to find little things to amuse yourself.

Last night I was doing an image search for an infographic project and I needed to weed through pages of stock icon art. I almost passed this one by, but (no pun intended) the yellow struck me and I stopped. Then I tilted my head a bit and took another look. Was this what I thought it was? Um… yeh. The search term field had it spelled out loud and clear:

Rectal exam.

International symbol for rectal exam?! Well, I suppose this would come in handy in a foreign country. You know, when you are having some intestinal distress and taking over the counter meds doesn’t make as much sense as having a friggin’ rectal by someone who does not speak your language. Would this be off the street signage? Exactly where would we find this symbol?

I also came across this series:



Not sure why mom/baby, wheel chair guy and trash man find their way to same page as pee boy and squatting pee boy (what the hell is that?) BTW, I believe the little squatter is wearing a shirt and no pants… wrong on all sorts of level. I love the legs up on the toilet guy. That would come in handy when illustrating a piece about perverts that hide in ladies rooms. Or my fave – the kneeling pucker, AKA the international symbol for  college freshman.

Anyone want to take a crack at the one next to pukey boy? Does that illustrate the pain one feels when trying to flush one’s foot down the toilet?

OK, I admit it. Sometimes my job is more fun than recreation. Sometimes my job IS recreation.

And seriously, who can pass up a little bathroom humor.

Thanks istockphoto, for an entertaining evening.


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10 responses to “Fun With International Symbols


    Best post EVER! I’m peeing in my pants (is there an international symbol for THAT?)

    Lisa Shevrin Sent from my Verizon Wireless Droid

  2. Mat

    Squatting peer is a… woman? Next to pukey is obviously the symbol for “There is no plunger but I desperately need one.” OR “Someone put the toilet paper roll on wrong”

    • I thought about the pee-er being a woman, but the pee arc threw me off. I like the idea of plunger frustration. Toilet paper direction issues? That might be on the OCD icon sheet

  3. AHHH, I thought the one next to pukey was – if you’re foot’s on fire, quick put it in the toilet. Love seeing this post first thing in the morning – starting the day with a smile!

  4. Judy

    I am starting the day laughing out loud–thanks for that, Amy.
    I think that guy is doing a cannonball into the toilet…….

  5. J.

    So is the second image in the second row the international symbol for “no doing canon balls into the toilet”? (I had no idea this was a problem.) Also, just wondering here, is the guy at the end of the second row kicking the shit out of that toilet?

    Glad to have you blogging again. 🙂 (That would be the international symbol for “I am happy you are blogging again.”)

  6. And, I thought it was the symbol for the National Love Your Printer Day!

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