Who Writes This Crap


Pun intended.

‘We all go. Why not enjoy the go?’

Hey Charmin, what were you guys thinking?

I am in the business. I am fully aware of the countless taglines submitted, the late nights getting silly around a conference table laden with candy, the absurd options that come out of these sessions and the painful layers of approvals.

I cannot help but think this one was a joke that somehow slipped into the pile and someone who was running out to catch a plane or go to a kid’s soccer game signed off on it without thinking.

Because, you know, even those of us who ‘enjoy the go’ – and believe me, I am one of them – know that this is just too absurd to be real. If you must know, bathroom humor and discussion of toileting has always been a favorite topic in my family. The joke is that it only takes about 15 minutes when we are all together before the discussion turns to… going. So if anyone would be the market for this, it would be us. But it sort of falls flat for me.

Now don’t get me going on the ‘Ultra Suave’ subhead to Ultra Soft. (picturing a guy with an ascot sitting on the bowl practicing smooth pick up lines) *There is nothing like humor when you are your own target… it was just pointed out to me that Ultra Suave is the Spanish translation for Ultra Soft… damn, apparently I would have done poorly on that trip to Spain. Imagine the trouble I could have gotten myself into there.

I will give this brand credit for their ‘sitorsquat’ public restroom app. Although, if I am not mistaken, they stole this idea from George Castanza.

FYI, I am a loyal user of Charmin despite their silly taglines and even though I know it is bad for the environment. There are some places I will not sacrifice, and let’s face it, butt suave is where it’s at.


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10 responses to “Who Writes This Crap

  1. I use that brand and never bothered to read it 🙂

  2. I’ll use whatever brand is within reach, even if it’s Brawny.

  3. Wider? What are doing, landing a plane? Are they trying to go retro and appeal to the EZ Wider generation?

  4. Who is training the client? Who is training agency creatives? Does this impact CDH? Did they run this through MillwardBrown Link? Link 360? IDeA? When copy becomes the negative subject of a consumer blog, there clearly has been a loss — loss of strategy, loss of command of words, loss of consumer relationship, loss of leadership, loss of mentoring.

  5. J.

    For a moment I thought the title was “Who Wipes This Crap?” which may have been more appropriate. 😉

    Personally, I prefer Charmin Ultra Strong, which can stand up to whatever crap you give it.

    Also, too, if they really wanted you to enjoy the go, they should include a free magazine with every pack.

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