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Graff Diamond – Pretty Penny in Pink

Today marks a crazy day in the history of gemstones. At Sotheby’s Geneva a world auction record was set for any jewel when it sold an exceptionally rare Fancy Intense Pink diamond of the purest, vibrant hue, weighing 24.78 carats for $46,158,674.

That, my friends is one pretty penny in pink. The diamond was purchased by Laurence Graff. Shortly after the sale, he named the diamond “The Graff Pink” and made the following statement: “It is the most fabulous diamond I’ve seen in the history of my career and I’m delighted to have bought it.”

Delighted? C’mon Larry, could you not find a stronger word than delighted?

Being a woman who appreciates fine things and all, I can not help but think what the 46 mil could by in times like these. Please don’t get me wrong, if Mr. Graff wants to buy this diamond and it tickles him pink to do so, I say go for it. As a self made billionaire (yes, with a B – he is worth 2.5 billion) he surely has the gelt to make this purchase. And for those who will judge him, he seems to have the give back thing tied up pretty well.

A lover of diamonds he is equally in love with philanthropic and humanitarian causes. He supports Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund, ARK, Elton John’s AIDS Foundation, to name a few. He established FACET (For Africa’s Children Every Time), devoted to distributing funds for the education, health and welfare of children in Africa. The Graff Leadership Center directly benefits from these funds and is a training center, hostel and home to 50 orphan girls, victims of the AID and HIV epidemic.

Still, I can’t help but think that 46 mil could buy a hell of a lot for so many in need. Funny the way it is… one man buys a diamond for 46 mil while the same amount could buy 13 million gallons of milk for starving kids. Seems sort of crazy, no?

Just saying.




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Time To Cry Tuesday – Four for Twenty

It is a bittersweet fact that as your kids grow, the time you spend as a family shrinks. If you have done your job well, their lives are full. If you are lucky, yours are as well.

We are four people with very full lives. Not one of us is the type to be idle or feel lonely. We have a great extended family, many friends and rich lives. We work hard and play hard.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Ok, so that is all academic. And though it is true on some level, after 21 years of being a family unit, you crave that time when you can be together. And you learn to appreciate the moments for what they are… fleeting and precious.

This weekend we visited our kids at college. If you don’t follow this blog regularly, my kids are away at school together as a freshman and a senior.

They love it. I love it more.

Parent’s weekend = fly. drive. eat. reverse. repeat.

But for twenty precious minutes, just the four of us sat on the couch in my daughter’s apartment and were simply US.

In all caps.

Nothing special was said. (oh except when my son told us about his human sexuality class and said he now knows more about the vagina than he ever cared to know – now that is something you rarely hear from a 18-year-old boy) There were no real heavy parenting moments. We just WERE. (again in caps)

And to me, there is nothing better on this earth than a little time with just us four…

even if it was only for twenty.


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Hoosier Daddy? – Big 10 Football

Ah, Big 10 football and a rainy morning in Madison, Wisconsin. The late morning kick-off is no reason not to pre-game when you are in college. And for the young woman on the left, the mid-40 degree weather and drizzling chill was no reason to wear sleeves either.

This apartment was a half a block from Randall Stadium and there were no shortages of cheers from the crowd as they passed them by. You have to love the spirit of college football; and the complete joy they get from being fans.

This was the last home game my daughter, the senior, will attend as a student and marked the end of the first season for my son, the freshman. With a final score of  83 to 20 this home season went out with a bang. (this is not the official last home game which takes place Thanksgiving weekend, but it is the last one for my kids). UW set a school record and tied a Big Ten record for points scored and scored more points than any other FBS team this season.

I must apologize to you all for not getting the best shot of the day, which was the two guys walking down the street in the freezing cold rain in nothing but sneakers and badger g-strings.

I know, I am slipping up, sorry.



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Keep Calm and Carry On

Sitting at my desk today this shot came through in an email from a friend who always seems to capture the essence of my day. It is the more civilized version of  ‘Everyone Calm the Fuck Down’ which would not be all that appropriate hanging in someone’s office like this was.

I particularly love the crown. It gives it a regal sort of directive that would make me feel foolish if I did not obey. You know, because I am so reverent and all in real life.

My friends, I know sometimes the world is on fire and it seems like things are just a little more frenetic than we would like them to be. Kind of like your hair is standing on end and you are running in circles getting nowhere. But panic never helped the situation. So everyone, please…

Keep calm


Carry on.


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Do you lose your boobs?

True story:

A daughter is still new to the menstruation game. She is young and can really do without it. Honestly, she does not see the point. Her mom tries to shed some light on the subject.

Mom: Honey, as a girl matures, things happen to her body. She gets her period, she starts to grow breasts, and her body changes. Right before your period every month you can tend to be a little moody.

Daughter: I know, but why?

Mom: Well, this is all the beginning of changing a girl’s body into a woman’s body. And then as a woman gets older, like mommy, she goes through something called menopause. Her body changes again and she stops getting her period. And again she can tend to be a little moody.

Daughter: Oh no mom! Does that mean you are going to lose your boobs?!

Mom: (Laughing) Um, no not exactly. But they sure don’t look like they used to.

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Time to Cry Tuesday – Time Travel, which direction would you choose?

Nope, I have not been time traveling. But I have been thinking about it lately after someone posted this question on facebook the other day:

If you could time travel and you could only choose one, would you go back or forward?

I am going to give a few more parameters and then I am going to put this out there in the comments and add in a little poll just for fun.

1. If you go back you can take people with you.

2. If you go forward you will not have the ability to take back any information for financial gain. Sorry, no winning lotto numbers. I need to remove the financial piece to make it a viable choice. Since that is making you all rather cranky I will let you take people with you into the future as well.

Me? I would want to go back. Having my kids in college, I would love to go back to one of those Sunday morning brio trainfests with my son and REALLY appreciate his undying love for building those tracks in a figure eight. Sit and color all afternoon on a rainy day, or play with perler beads with my daughter. Or bathe my babies and smell their hair one more time when they are wrapped in a towel. Or be 17 and jump in the car for an impromptu road trip. I would love to see my grandparents again, and have them meet my kids all grown up. Be a camper again!! Oh what I would not give for one more summer in the adirondaks.

Relax, this is not some old person’s pondering on the past. This is a go back and really taste it all for a little while. Stop and smell the roses, the coffee, the ocean and everything else in between. And honestly, if there is something unpleasant in my future, I would rather not know. Equally – if not more so – if there is something amazing which I would prefer to believe, I want to be surprised.

Ok you lurking commenters, come on out of the woodwork and give me your thoughts. At the very least, weigh in on the poll.


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Drinks on Us – A restaurant tale

Well, more accurately the drinks were on my poor friend. Literally.

You see the rather clueless and clumsy Maître d’ was serving us a tray of drinks when he forgot the single most important trick to serving… keep the tray parallel to the ceiling. It seems the laws of gravity escaped him.

I watched in slow motion as 2 vodka’s, 2 beers, a glass of wine (a really good pour I might add) and one ginger ale (for the designated) went flowing down the back of my dear friend. Sadly for him, the Maître d’ reacted in equally slow motion. Even sadder for him, he made the poor choice of trying to mop up the floor before making an effort to placate the patron.

Bad choice.

Bad to worse as the best he could do was tell us that ‘accidents happen’. Even after a pretty good tongue lashing from the irate husband of the sopping victim he still did not get the basic principles of restaurant groveling and could not come up with a way to make good on the disaster. Granted, said husband took perhaps a little too much sport in embarrassing the fool, but he was an easy target. To his credit he did agree to a round of drinks

At one point the entire restaurant was listening, the couple at the next table left and still neither he nor the owner (his dad, btw, who he told us was not in just minutes earlier when we asked) could figure out what to do.

That is when I could not help myself and jumped in. I felt bad for the guy for no reason other than he was just so damn STUPID.

“Listen”, I said, “Here is a little restaurant 101. Do anything to quiet the miserable customer. Buy them a round of drinks, offer to comp dinner for the dripping wet wife and pay for the dry cleaning bill. In other words… damage control.”

His response was somewhere between deer in the headlights and boxer who took too many hits to the head. To his credit he did agree to a round of drinks and dry cleaning at some point but unfortunately it was somewhere between too little and too late.

Fairly certain they spit in all our dinners before delivering the bill…

with only one round of drinks comped.

Hey, at least it wasn’t a boring evening.


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