Keep Calm and Carry On

Sitting at my desk today this shot came through in an email from a friend who always seems to capture the essence of my day. It is the more civilized version of  ‘Everyone Calm the Fuck Down’ which would not be all that appropriate hanging in someone’s office like this was.

I particularly love the crown. It gives it a regal sort of directive that would make me feel foolish if I did not obey. You know, because I am so reverent and all in real life.

My friends, I know sometimes the world is on fire and it seems like things are just a little more frenetic than we would like them to be. Kind of like your hair is standing on end and you are running in circles getting nowhere. But panic never helped the situation. So everyone, please…

Keep calm


Carry on.


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8 responses to “Keep Calm and Carry On

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  3. Riki Potter

    Boy did I need that blog this morning….

  4. jflorin

    That’s just perfect! Keep calm and carry on. I think I’m going to give it a try. It certainly beats hysteria!

  5. It is, in fact, a regal directive. It’s based on a poster designed by the British in early WW2 and intended to be distributed in the event of a German invasion or other disaster. Details here.

  6. margi

    Ha. Funny this arrives after domestic eruptions (of minor proportions..) And I’m remaining the calm one. Now- that’s funny.

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