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The Dressing Room


There is something about shopping for a dress that puts most women over the edge. Unless you have the perfect figure, and even then there is usually something about yourself that does not work for you in that evil 3-way mirror under those horrifying fluorescent lights.

This is an actual conversation that I heard from the next dressing room:

Woman 1: I am sure this is my size. And I am wearing the perfect bra!

Woman 2: Ummmm, I don’t think so, hon.

Woman 1: Sure, you hold the bottom and I will hold the top, I will take a deep breath in and then we can zip it together.

Woman 2: Honestly, I just don’t think there is enough fabric. What’s the big deal, no one will ever ask to see the tag and verify the size you are wearing. And anyway, you would need someone to dress you before the wedding AND you won’t be able to sit down the whole time.

Woman 1: I should have never eaten lunch before going shopping.

You seriously cannot make this stuff up. Lady, eat a sandwich, wear the bigger size, get a pair of spanx and get a grip.

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Honey, am I as fat as this guy?

Honestly, how many of you ask this when you are sitting on the beach with your significant other? You are not all that confident with how it is all hanging and you need a barometer for what your body looks like out there. Yeh, right, we are too old for this behavior and way to secure. 

Or not.

So, someone is walking down the beach and you pull the headphones out of your mate’s ears and ask them if the guy/girl walking down the beach is fatter then you. We do this all the time. When will we grow out of body image obsessions? Oh right, when we are dead!

Back to the story. There I am, innocently reading my book on a beautiful Rhode Island beach on the most glorious day and I look up to see this rather large man looking out at the ocean. Now don’t think of this as mean, I for one can stand to lose a few myself. But I could not help but pull out my camera to capture his silhouette against the backdrop of the sea and sky. It was so perfect. The shapes, the color, the water, the foam of the waves…

and then who comes up right next to him and poses? Gary, of course. (no disrespect to this man, but he did kind of set himself up in front of my camera).

I love the scale in this image – and the matching color scheme of the bathing suits. Looks kind of like a fashion layout, doesn’t it?

Oh Gary, no worries, you are one svelte man for sure!

How could you not love a man that not only tolerates the fact that you are photographing everything in sight, but embraces your snap happy behavior and poses for you? It seems that he has begun to embrace the spirit of blogging.

Either that or it is just another survival technique for living with his resident lunatic.

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