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Bacon Flavored Condoms


Oddly enough I have written about both bacon and condoms in a single post before. I suppose no one who reads this blog finds that odd, actually.

Does a post like this really need any commentary? Doesn’t the actual existence of bacon flavored condoms speak for itself.

Not on your life.

Ok, the tagline… ‘make your meat, look like meat’. The second part in bold, no less. Um yeh, we get it.


I would prefer something along the lines of – ‘because you’re smokin’. Or maybe something as simple as ‘the meat lover’s protection’. Or something corny like ‘because you never know who you might meat’ Or maybe, ‘because you can never get enough protien’

And the snipe on the top left of the box ‘it never look so good, it never tasted better’. You know… IT. Like “he took IT out” – Elaine Bennis.

But the tagline and the snipe are not the big winners on this baby. Oh no. What really puts this product over the top is that unbelievable line ‘lubricated with baconlube’. Do you think this is authentic?

Ughhh! SO not kosher!

Would you buy this product?

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Time to Cry Tuesday – On Getting Happy

This was posted on Facebook today. The best part is that it was posted by a condom company. I know, all sorts of jokes brewing on that one.

I love Sir Richard’s, they are a condom company with a conscience. For every Sir Richard’s condom you purchase, you contribute one to a developing country. They are sort of the Tom’s of condoms.

Back to happiness. There are plenty of things to be happy about; equally as many to make you sad. The key here is what makes you happy on the inside? As a natural state. Maybe Warhol was right… the key is your willingness to get happy.

About nothing.

Sort of lifts the burden of misery, no?


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Snowman Condom

I saw this hermetically sealed snowman on my morning walk. As I was passing by I ran into a neighbor of mine who said he thought it looked like a snowman condom. What a perfect description!

I can only imagine the meltdown in that house that would prompt a parent to wrap an entire snowman in plastic. I assume the rain forecast put some poor young child into some sort of snowman frenzy.

Do you think they had that plastic sheeting in the house or did they make a special trip go buy it?


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