Snowman Condom

I saw this hermetically sealed snowman on my morning walk. As I was passing by I ran into a neighbor of mine who said he thought it looked like a snowman condom. What a perfect description!

I can only imagine the meltdown in that house that would prompt a parent to wrap an entire snowman in plastic. I assume the rain forecast put some poor young child into some sort of snowman frenzy.

Do you think they had that plastic sheeting in the house or did they make a special trip go buy it?


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6 responses to “Snowman Condom

  1. I’d love to think special trip, but it’s probably scavenged from in the house frantically. Unless they do it every year… awesome find.

    I now have this inexplicable urge to make a snowman condom like that. Just to inspire blog posts like these.

    PS. I’m new to reading your blog, but I like so far. Ignore the fact I was drawn in by a post called ‘Snowman Condom’,

    • i would like to think that it was a special trip too. but the dad is a contractor so i bet they had it in the house.

      So happy to have you reading. And hey, who would judge anyone for being drawn to a title like Snowman Condom. I am thinking that a commercial snowman condom might actually be a big seller!

      • I think you’d catch an entire demographic that couldn’t resist due to sheer curiosity.

        Still funny to imagine a father rummaging through the house trying to find a suitable wrapper for a snowman.

  2. J.

    Speaking of snowmen and condoms, Amy, did you hear about the great snow penis controversy in Indiana? If only someone had thought to put snowman condoms on them…

    P.S. Yet another great MFTA product to market, along with Shiksa Fail t-shirts and MFTA mugs?

  3. Well, hot diggity! I think that’s one snowman I’ll skip on tipping–who knows what might flow out?

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