South Florida Living


If you have ever visited one of the many communities in South Florida, this will not surprise you. The level of detail is astounding.

You have to believe that this was not written in the spirit of prevention. I would like to know how many poor people got locked in there before this very detailed set of directions was drafted.

I keep envisioning the condo association from Seinfeld spending the better portion of a month drafting this sucker.

The scary thing about this is that I am surely the most likely person to get locked in there. In fact, this was the third time I had thrown out the garbage and the only reason I noticed the sign was because my dad told me to take my cell phone.


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8 responses to “South Florida Living

  1. Speechless!
    Chat S’maeach (I’m sure that’s not how to spell it though!)

  2. Does this only occur in Southern Florida? I’m from the north and I’ve never seen anything like this. I have been to Key West before, but that was only for a week and the hotel staff took care of all the garbage.

    • Key west is too south for this. There is something about the Florida mentality that breeds this sort of thing. Oh, and Northerners don’t care if you get locked in.

  3. Cindy s

    Boca del vista….

  4. Ellen

    Wonder how many lawsuits preceded this sign…

  5. Laurie

    Fort Knox for trash…why? Illegal dumping? Yikes! 🙂

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