When Men do Merchandising

Jana and I went into the drug store yesterday to pick up some tampax. (Now there is a show-stopping opening line if I ever wrote one.) As we walked down the aisle I heard her famous brand of “ARE you kidding me?!” I turned around to see not one, but two NFL free standing displays…

blocking the tampons and feminine hygiene products.

As a marketer and brand-focused professional I tried to see what the idea was behind this. I have come up with a few thoughts and will outline them here, with a poll at the end to get your input.

Put the NFL stuff in front of the tampons because:

1. while a woman is bleeding she feels the need to get a little gift for her guy to distract him.

2. there are women who are football fans and they may want some of these for themselves.

3. stockperson was stoned and placed the displays there as a joke.

4. stock person just put them randomly in an aisle with no thought to surrounding merchandise.

5. there is a level of discomfort with feminine hygiene products and they wanted to hide them.

6. foreshadowing: Tampax will be coming out with NFL branded tampons (Team Tampax?) and this is a pre-launch teaser.


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5 responses to “When Men do Merchandising

  1. I would totally use NFL Tampons. Then I would know I could “tackle” my day with great “protection.” BAHAHAHA… I just cracked myself up.

    • Darleene, you are on a roll over there. Very funny.

    • J.

      Where’s the “Like” button for comments? 🙂 You should be a copywriter, Darlene. Also, too, I would totally use NFL tampons (if I still had a uterus).

      As to why those displays were placed there, at the risk of emasculating my man, I often have him pick up feminine products when it’s his turn to do the shopping — and even when my daughter and I specifically state the brand and type, he is totally overwhelmed and has to call us from the feminine products aisle. So my guess is this could be a shout out to those football-loving guys, like the spouse, so they can now claim they were just looking for the Giants promo display.

  2. This picture is SO funny! I run AuntRuby.net where we deliver your own customized multi-pack of feminine protection products to your door, in sync with your cycle, so you Never Run Out. Period (TM) We offer Gift Certificates for exactly this reason…we think men buy these more often than women. Looks like the merchandisers agree:)

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