Cat Hairball Jewelry… file this under Ewwwww!

I kid you not on this one. Thanks to my fabulous friend Tony O, I now know about jewelry made from the fur that your cat sheds. Today he linked to this post on ecouterre. The long and short (hair) of it is that Kate Benjamin of Moderncat  felt the need to mark the celebration of National Hairball Awareness Day (who makes these awareness days up, anyway?) and commissioned the wildly talented jewelry designer and friend, Heidi Abramason to make her some pretty cool looking stuff from… you guessed it, her cat’s hairballs.

Ok… Ewwww.

In case you did not read this post, I wrote about someone who made jewelry out of human hair so I guess this is not so far-fetched. (how does this stuff find me?)

Wait, can we get back to National Hairball Awareness Day? Is there a reason we need to be made aware of hairballs? Are they not glaringly obvious to cat owners and who the hell cares to the rest of us?

And the cat in this picture? Anyone else getting a major heebie jeebie from this kitty?

Just a tip, don’t buy me this jewelry for Mother’s Day if you were running out to do so… very allergic to cats. Oh, and vile things too. Those I am highly allergic to.

But for all you cat people out there (and you know who you are)… Heidi takes commissions.


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6 responses to “Cat Hairball Jewelry… file this under Ewwwww!

  1. Nancy

    I like cats,but not that much to wear something made of their hair

  2. margi

    Thanks for uh, keeping me informed. 🙂 EWWW. I am totally with you on the eww factor, with all respect to cat lovers, and this cat CREEPS me OUT. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I . . . in a rare turn, I am speechless.

    Just say no!

  4. latonja

    hairball jewelery???who ever thought. i love my cats to pieces. BUT not enough to wear their old spat on ,thrown up hair around my neck.they are my life . i live for these babies though. my love to lexy lulu and brady baby.

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