Pat the Zombie

As everyone knows, May is Zombie Awareness Month. What? Everyone doesn’t know that? Well by the look of the stats on this blog you would think they did because there is a nice healthy amount of views of last years’ posts.

And I would think that Aaron Ximm and Kaveh Soofi (how do you pronounce those names) knew it was, because they launched their book, Pat the Zombie, this month. I learned about this on a Daily Candy email and could not help but jump with glee and run to post about it. (I am wondering how they were ever able to legally do this).

It would just so happen that our dinner conversation the other night was rather zombiecentric.

Me: Did you know that it was Zombie Awareness Month?

Gary: I love Zombies.

Me: I know that about you.

Gary: Zombies are my absolute favorite horror creatures.

Me: What are your second favorite?

Gary: I would have to say… Werewolves.

Me: Do you think there are such thing as Pet Zombies?

Gary: Oooo, I would like that very much.

What? Are you doubting that we actually had that conversation. You should know better!

When I saw this book I just wanted to buy it for him as a surprise for Father’s Day, but I couldn’t wait to post about it. My kids loved Pat the Bunny (favorite page was ‘Daddy’s scratchy face’). I really hope this book doesn’t scar them for life.

Watch the promo video… it is really out of control.


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9 responses to “Pat the Zombie

  1. zombies scare the shit out of me… I can’t take showers unless the curtain is see thru lol!!

  2. Hi Amy!

    Ximm is pronounced ‘zimm,’ it’s my wedding date in roman numerals. Kaveh Soofi is KAH-vay SUE-fee, both are traditional Persian names.

    Actually we didn’t know about Zombie Awareness Month! :O

    We were able to do this because satire and parody are protected, in general people have a lot more leeway legally to do very close parody than is usually taken advantage of; I think legal departments or less-informed and conservative editors force a lot of unnecessary dilution…

    …but it certainly helps that our publisher Ten Speed is under the same Random House umbrella as the original Pat the Bunny. To a certain degree there was a vague beleif that the left hand wasn’t going to bind the right hand if you know what I mean… And people say there’s no upside to media consolidation! Hahahaha.

    Thanks for noticing our little book! 🙂

    • Aaron, nice SM monitoring. Love the Zimm (one of my knicknames and the reason is sweet)

      And of course thanks for the intellectual property lesson. Fascinating indeed.

      So how about a book to review?

  3. Love this & shared with my guys. Zombies are big talk here; you can imagine. None of us knew the month – great new info! Maybe we should have a party!

  4. The term “horror creature” makes me very happy.

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  6. OMG – I totally love this post! 🙂

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