Prevent ‘Clogs’

It would appear that one of the perks of being friends with The Magnet For The Absurd (MFTA) is that eventually absurdities start to present themselves to you. This wonderful image comes from  Susan, who has sent me countless absurdities by phone, for my sheer entertainment and wonder. Sue, I believe you have left apprentice stage and have earned the title of Partner of Absurdity (POA).

Perhaps you need a logo…


Filed under absurdities, carry a camera, humor, magnet for the absurd, signage

5 responses to “Prevent ‘Clogs’

  1. Fricking INSPIRED! Love it.

  2. susan MILLER

    i am honored to serve…can’t make this stuff up..

  3. Doctor Jimmy

    Bring Back Earth Shoes!

  4. judy

    ahhhh–reminds me of all the patients who tell me they have clogs in their uterus…..big ones! (clots, actually…..) and hey–i LOVED earth shoes!

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