Urine Off

I was at the ASI show at the Javitz Center today. For those who do not know ASI, it is the trade show for ad specialities… or in lay terms all the stuff with logos that companies hand out… at trade shows. Sort of self-perpetuating, isn’t it?

In fairness, a lot of the stuff is given away at places other than trade shows but it was funnier to think of it the other way.

Anyway, we were walking around in that I can’t possibly look at another pen or eco-bag kind of stupor when these two older gentleman walked passed us wheeling cartons of…

Urine off.

We stopped them, asked if we could take their picture and questioned them about the boxes. They said they had no idea, but the guys from Booth 1059 pay them to walk around wheeling these boxes. Then they cracked a lame joke about this being different way of saying ‘Pissed Off.’

Um… Ok.

Well, we never did check out who was at Booth 1059 and quite frankly I didn’t care who they were if they did not have the sense to at least give these two guys a line to tell people who asked about the Urine Off. But I did get curious tonight so I looked it up and there was no Booth 1059… sort of Twighlight Zone-ish, no?

I did however, google Urine Off and it appears this is the ‘World’s Best Urine and Stain Remover’ or like the box says, ‘The Name Says it All’. This company also makes Coffee Off and Wine Off.

Sorry guys, they are simply not as funny – for obvious reasons.


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4 responses to “Urine Off

  1. Ivy Mindlin

    I saw that and was so pissed you were already gone. I so wanted to show it to you.

  2. Neal

    Guess it’s works better than “You’re Not Enough”.

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