Cotton Sperm

As I was going to walk the dogs this morning i spotted this on the garage floor. I could not help but think, ‘hey, there is a cotton sperm’. This could be because I have spent the last few weeks working on a fertility project for work. Or I am just predisposed to seeing sperm in things…

Gary argues at first glance this is either a dead mouse or a tampon. So, since it has been a while, I thought it was time for a friendly poll. Please weigh in.

And remember to pay attention to the details of you your day. The ones that you would normally pass by make for interesting conversation (or grounds to have you committed at a later date).


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4 responses to “Cotton Sperm

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  2. Way too fluffy to be a tampon =O

  3. Dr Jimmy

    You are SO predisposed to all-sperm everything……….I see a piece of cotton…..but then again you are quite the creative one!

  4. Lon

    I see a garage floor that needs sweeping.

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