Grateful Debt

Jerry Garcia AP photo

Jerry Garcia’s last home is up for sale at the cool price of $4 mil.

Ok so, I know I have 2 kids in college but I really want this house.

There was a facebook suggestion that we could turn this into the Touch of Grey Timeshare. (cool idea, Rina).

The previous owner sold many of the fixtures, including the toilet, to raise funds for charity. So if you were considering purchasing this place, keep in mind you will not be using the original American(Beauty) Standard crapper that Jerry did.

Dr. Jimmy? Chez Cortez West?


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2 responses to “Grateful Debt

  1. Dr Jimmy

    Would NEVER buy THIS house…..A real refelection of Deborah Koons, Jerry’s 3rd and most wacked out wife…..I would, however, put in a bid for 710 Ashbury St. in Haight-Ashbury and reserve a room with Earl Grey tea for the Levinson’s!!

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