Pick Your Nose


Once again, I am jealous of a product name and sorry I did not come up with it. Both the item and the category are brilliant. A little further online digging and I came up with these, which are just as clever.

Pick Your Nose Cups are hysterical. What kid would not love to drink out of one of these. And Party Animals is the perfect name for the series.

Do you think the idea for these came one drunken night when someone was drawing on all the cups at a party? For those who do not know, I went to art school. Stuff like that happened all the time. We even went through a Christo phase when we wrapped peoples’ cars while they were sleeping. I think we wrapped the trees and the front door too. I need to find those pictures.

Now you can understand why I am so envious when I see a product like this. Surely I should have come up with this idea. Although I don’t know how lucrative they were because if you will note the price tag, I found this at Home Goods and they were only $4.99. I need to be careful at these places, I was snapping away all sorts of funny pictures and I think the staff was starting to get weird about it.

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5 responses to “Pick Your Nose

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  2. This makes me think of other funny shapes to drink out of. But they probably wouldn’t sell those at Home Goods.

  3. That is pretty cool…. I would drink out of one… LOL

  4. margi

    some people get all the good ideas.

    A non-shopper, non-artist, love it – $4.99 for only 24 cups is pricey for dixie cups – so will absolutely get out the magic markers and dixie cups for the kids and go 8-year-old wild this summer!

  5. Thank goodness for the crazy art student’s with their random creativity! My son is in film school and they do the same things.
    Cute cups.

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