Neverland Sleepaway Camp



Ok, for those who wondered why there was no Michael Jackson post, here it is.

We were at an outdoor seafood place by the water today and saw this guy wearing a Neverland Sleepaway Camp t-shirt. It looked worn so my guess is he has had it for quite awhile. What a perfect weekend to break it out. Note the kid and the MJ silo in the picture. 

Like many in my generation, Michael Jackson was the soundtrack of my coming of age. He was our peer. Yet while we were riding bikes and doing homework he was traveling the world and performing on our TV sets. This took its toll on him and the impact grew in ways we will never understand.

As we grew up, he grew stranger. His talent became overshadowed by his eccentricities. The adoring public turns on a dime – in life and in death. Now he is simultaneously being judged and canonized. 

Here’s to the King of Pop, may he finally rest in peace.

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2 responses to “Neverland Sleepaway Camp

  1. margi

    I wholeheartedly agree. Well said.

  2. Cory Smith

    Where was this? I really think it might be me in the picture.

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