Jesus Toast Tattoo


No I did not make this up. Another famous product from my travels. Should have been in the same aisle as the Believe in God Instantly Breath Spray but it was not. Unfortunate missed opportunity in merchandising in my opinion.

Imagine this one at the breakfast table:

Morning honey, do you want butter or jam on your Jesus?

I am not sure what makes people come up with products like this. Do you think it disrespectful, evangelical or kinda cool. It’s polling time folks. For those on email, jump over to the blog online and cast your vote. For all you non commenting lurkers out there (which would be most of you) don’t worry, the voting is anonymous. This is between you and your maker, k?

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13 responses to “Jesus Toast Tattoo

  1. Liz

    Do you remember the store ‘Little Ricky’ in the East Village. Chock full of this stuff. When you return to B’more (hint hint) we’ll hit the Am Visionary Art Museum’s gift shop. You will have a blast!

  2. Neal Shrier

    Man, does Jesus look toasted.

  3. Toast as a canvas – cool! When the kids were little, we used to take milk with a little food coloring and paint our bread & then toast it – very pretty and fun for the toddlers!

    But that can’t top a tattoo! Imagine the possibilities 🙂

  4. J.

    @Neal, brilliant. LOL.

    I actually bought the Jesus Toast Tattoo for good friends, who are Catholic, as a house-warming gift. They said it was divine. ; )

    And speaking of Jesus, a happy Ash Wednesday to your Catholic commenters…

  5. Hysterical! I’ll wake my Jewish husband with breakfast in bed…I need a good laugh.

  6. Laves

    Everytime I put on of these in the toaster oven, leave, come back, and the toaster oven in empty…

  7. Gail

    Where do you buy the Jesus Toast Tatoo? I know it’s silly but it’s also a great Sunday school lesson….the bread of life! 🙂
    Thank you for your response!

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  12. Melanie

    I buttered up Jesus this morning mmmmmmm

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