Rebranding Menopause

Let’s face it, there is nothing cool, glamorous or fun about menopause. Pre, peri, post… all of it rings of insane women aging not-so-gracefully.

This idea of rebranding started when speaking to a dear (male) friend that I have known for many years. We were at a big party and it seemed more than one woman asked to have the AC turned up. Which turns to the obvious conversation about menopause. My friend said he thought that the name was the problem. Bad branding if you will. Let us dissect it for a moment. Men (bad start) O (extraneous letter) Pause… hmmm what does that MEAN?

Being the wiseass that I am, I asked “What should we call it then? Irrational bitches that sweat too much?” His answer was charming, “A better name would be – I will see you next Tuesday.” Cute right?

What name would better describe menopause with more dignity?

Let’s think about it this. Is the problem really in the branding? Or is the assumption that, not unlike when women are younger and everything is blamed on ‘she’s on the rag’, that a woman of ‘a certain age’ is always in the hot seat (no pun) when her behavior is erratic because she is doing ‘The Menopause Thang!’ (was this a James Brown song?)

Back to the rebranding idea. I once worked on a pitch for an erectile disfunction drug. A pharma co. spent a million dollars on a focus group exploring the idea of renaming erectile disfunction. What these geniuses came up with was that it was not, in fact, the name that was the probem, but more the condition itself. DUH! 

So, my friends, I think it is safe to say that renaming anything that basically sucks does not change it’s level of suckage. 

Now I need to go and turn the AC to the temp of a meat locker so I can sleep tonight.

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20 responses to “Rebranding Menopause

  1. PamG

    I’ve waited and waited all this time to think of something smart, witty, funny, clever…basically what you do every time you write. I couln’t come up with a thing, and you can’t stop. Love this blog. Keep it comin!!

  2. thanks pam. it has been fun so far. i take that as a big compliment from someone who has certainly laughed and cried with me through the years.

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  4. Tug

    In typical female fashion, I think you’re looking too deep into the origin / meaning of the word “menopause”. It’s really quite simple….it was coined by a one Dr Shamus McDougal in 1846 and was intended as a warning to all his fellow men upon approaching a woman with this condition…

  5. Tugger, you always make me laugh. perhaps you would like us to wear a neon sign so you could stay clear from a distance!

  6. Thanks for your comments.

    I’ve always been partial to “My Owner Personal Summer” but you’re right – renaming isn’t going to make it any more comfortable. Which I think is the key, it’s just so damned uncomfortable.

    Appreciate the great post. I’ll be reading more often!

  7. welcome carrie. wonderful name. being a true beach bum i have always been partial to summer, just night in the middle of the night in my bed! stay tuned, more laughter (and a few tears) to come.

  8. Riki

    I want to meet Tug…he seems like my kind of guy

  9. Tug

    Riki….you’ve made my day…..jam out to some Robert Randolph…….

  10. judy

    we’re still hot chicks–it just comes in flashes….

  11. seems menopause has been a hot post. record hits and record comments. thanks jude, i will take that as a professional opinion. and tug and rik, glad you are becoming friends.

  12. Brilliant! Mind if I link to you? This is a great post on a great post and one not to be missed. Cheers. And Turning up the AC – I hear ya!

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  14. thanks for the Link Liz. All you flashing hot chicks out there, check out Liz’s blog. Aside from being done with humor she has a lot of great content. you can get there from my links listing or by clicking her comments (12 and 13 on this post)

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