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Phonetic Wino

I found this cup on the beach in Montauk. It’s for those who are pronunciation challenged. Or maybe those who are two drunk to read. Or maybe drunken foreigners.

I simply love it and want a full set of words. Any suggestions?

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I Heart New York

Once again, the universe dropped a big helping of ridiculous on my plate. I could not believe my good fortune that this couple should cross my path just as I was taking the first draw off a really kick ass smoothie from Joni’s. I live for these smoothies and only wish that Joni would open a place closer than the 2.5 hour drive to Montauk (on a good day).

So these two? Did they wake up in the morning and say, “Hey, let’s wear our I Heart NY t-shirts to the beach”? Or was it a coincidence? I think not.

Way to work as hard as you can to look like a tourist.

I give these two the What the Hell Were you thinking award this week.





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I’m still breathing

For those who were concerned that I dropped off the face of the earth for a few days… I’m still breathing.

I was off the grid for the weekend, soaking in the loveliness of Montauk and did not feel compelled to post. Although I did take a million pictures that you will surely see here and on the newly resurrected Leaving the Zip Code.

(disclaimer: this was a sticker on the back of a road sign that made me laugh and by no means makes any reference to the Katie Perry song. Cuz, you know, I am more of a Patti Smith sort of girl than a Katie Perry one).

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Not a Bad Place to Work

You guessed it… on the road again.

We are on tour every weekend this month.

See, all you people who thought it was cruel to send our kids away for the summer are starting to get jealous.

This weekend we are in Montauk with the in-laws. Again, another perfect spot on Long Island. It is called ‘The End’. You drive east from Manhattan and stop when you can’t go any further.

Now all of you people who have made fun of Long Island all these years for being all strip malls and housing devolopments can eat your words.

How amazing is this view? This is the backyard of a house my in-law sibs are renting.

Gary is pretty sure It doesn’t suck to wrap up the work week with a few calls from this spot.

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