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I’m still breathing

For those who were concerned that I dropped off the face of the earth for a few days… I’m still breathing.

I was off the grid for the weekend, soaking in the loveliness of Montauk and did not feel compelled to post. Although I did take a million pictures that you will surely see here and on the newly resurrected Leaving the Zip Code.

(disclaimer: this was a sticker on the back of a road sign that made me laugh and by no means makes any reference to the Katie Perry song. Cuz, you know, I am more of a Patti Smith sort of girl than a Katie Perry one).

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Fur Coat and Cowboy Boots…


…on an eight-year-old?

Whenever I think I have seen it all in this crazy little zip code I call home, someone comes along and surprises me.

I was out to dinner at a low-key brick oven pizza place with my boys this evening. We were enjoying our dinner, with the guys pretending to listen to me but really watching soccer on the TV over my shoulder listening intently to me and hanging on my every word.

Suddenly, the little girl at the next table stood up and with all the attitude of a truly privileged little monster self-assured super-model, she swung her little fur coat on and pranced out on her little be-booted feet like she owned the place.

Hey twentyfour, money town has nothing on this east coast version.

The other highlight of dinner? Paulie from Rocky was sitting at the next table! 

Gotta love this town.

(an no that is a not a picture of the kid silly, she was wearing a short fur jacket and much hipper Frye boots)

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For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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