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Family Mall Day

Like This!

Once a year we have family mall day. Every June, between the end of school and the beginning of camp the four of us spend an eternity a few hours at the local mall. We are not particularly good shoppers, but there is something about an activity that we all do together with some short term goal attached that makes it a nice tradition.

Of course I spent 4 hours and countless dollars and I still have nothing to wear, but that is the way it goes.

A few observations:

1. People are 60% uglier in the mall. I am not sure if we too, become 60% uglier or just the odd looking like to congregate in these places. This also holds true for all theme and water parks.

2. For the most part, the clothing is ugly. I am not sure if that is true either but I know a lot of it is. And the price point does not matter. Sometimes the more expensive stuff is uglier than the cheaper stuff.

3. Mall food is… well, it is mall food. Enough said there.

4. Every store is playing the most annoying song in the universe the second we walk through the doors. (and remember we are a music family, we have very diverse tastes). Oh and there is usually an underlying layer of white noise involved.

5. The yogurt is DEFINITELY NOT low fat.

And now, because of course I had a camera, I will leave you with the highlights of the day. I am only sorry that even though I stalked a woman through the racks at Sterns I was unable to snap a picture of her carrying her little white dog in a baby carrier on the front of her body. Even I was a embarrassed at my behavior. Oh and the baby with the leash on its wrist… a memory of blog posts past.

So, I will start off with a little trend spotting. Seriously, everyone is going Techno Tribal! Um, do with that what you may. I am sort of at a loss on this one.

This poor chick not only lost her hand, she lost her pants. And by the looks of her Brazilian I am guessing she is probably not Techno Tribal; I believe the tribal piece requires hair. I am pretty sure I know where her date is, we ran into him a while back.

Yes, I considered buying a dozen of these T-shirts. But I am not gonna lie, the graphic was just way too disturbing.

And last but not least, sure the ladies like it! But sadly the Mustache has just sort of faded a bit out there. It’s generational, but no worries ‘ladies’, styles are cyclical.and those who still wear them do so proudly.

That’s all I got. Now if you are interested in Family Mall Day next year, we are considering selling tickets. And sponsorships, this day is not cheap!

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Time to Cry Tuesday – Black Friday Uglies

Tblack-shopping-bago say I am not a shopper is an understatement. I loathe the act of shopping. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I don’t like stuff, I just hate the act of obtaining it. All that hunting and gathering, clothes on clothes off thing. Wait, you guys don’t take your clothes on and off in Best Buy? Oh crap, no wonder young mothers are always covering their children’s eyes.

Enter Black Friday. This is the most inane thing to me. Out go the masses at ungodly hours to consume. Never have so many tried to save money by spending it. I don’t get this. I understand the bargain aspect, no one loves a bargain better than me (oh, except my mom – the queen of Loehmann’s). But what I cannot grasp is the concept of standing in rabid crowds to attain them.

This year Black Friday truly earned its name. In case you have been living under a rock for the past few days, a Walmart worker lost his life by being trampled to death by a crowd entering the store. (My condolences to the family of Mr. Damour) When I first heard this it did not quite register. The more the media covered this story the more horrible the reality became. This was close to home. And I don’t mean I am a Walmart worker, but this happened at one of my childhood malls. Tonight I heard a report that this man was 6’5″ and 270 lbs! Imagine how crazed this crowd had become to have knocked down and then run over a man of this size! How did no one see him and help him up? Was the desire to consume so primal, so egocentric that multiple people could actually trample another human being and not notice? I cannot fathom this.

When I hear things like this I wonder what future civilizations will think when they read about it. Will we be viewed as a barbaric culture with no self control? Will there be confusion as to why at a time when people are losing homes, jobs and net worth they would choose to flock in droves to consume? Oh wait, we don’t need a future generation’s perspective to see how insane this is. Do we? Please tell me we do not. 

What is the solution? Do we blame Walmart for not having crowd control systems thought out. Or are they the unfortunate victims here too? It was the (un)luck of the draw that it happened at a Walmart. Could have happened at any big box store or mall anywhere in the country. Should we blame the Nassau County Police for not seeing there was a major issue here. They were called to the scene for unruly behavior before the doors opened. Did they not see the potential danger? When does it stop?

Here is my suggestion for all the retailers out there who have fed the fire of this frenzy for so many years. You created this monster, now be responsible and learn how to tame it. I don’t suggest that retailers stop trying to get their take this time of year. Hey, some of my best friends are retailers. But I do propose that every outlet that invites these huge crowds take precautionary action and put systems in place to avoid repeating a disaster like this again. Operate under the assumption that there are way more potential victims out there than offenders. 

And protect them for G-d sake!

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at Mid-Century Modern Moms and at 50-Something Moms Blog.

For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.


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