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Cinema on the Bay presents Jaws


I kid you not. In my sleepy little town they have this lovely movie series at Sunset Park, aptly named for the obvious reason that it has the most magnificent sunsets over the bay.

Do you think they decided to show this movie because it was funny to show Jaws by the water? This banner across Main Street (yes, we have a Main Street, we ooze quaint) caught my eye and cracked me up. Lovely rendering, no?

I am not sure if I am just paying more attention because I am working hard at being alert and not rushing, or if there are an unusual amount of humorous things out there lately.

What will they show next week The Poseiden Adventure

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Why did the Chicken(suit) Cross the Road?

So his friend could try on his head!

Standing outside a restaurant on Main Street with Danny we saw a man in a chicken suit! Of course I had my camera. But it did this weird resolution conversion thing to the pic that made it look more like a painting (notice how when I screw up a shot or a vid I come up with all sorts of artsy descriptions for it?)

What was even funnier is when I showed Jana the pic it turned out that we knew the guy!!  And then tonight, we were in a restaurant and the same guy came in (sans suit). Nothing like a small town! How very John Mellencamp.

Funny how sometimes cool things can happen even if you don’t leave the zip code (another shameless plug for the new blog).

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