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Woodstock Celebration

I was just shy of 10-years-old during Woodstock, yet somehow I always felt a part of it’s generation. The music, the vibe, the sentiment; it all carried over into the seventies during my teen years becoming the soundtrack of who we were. Hippies at heart, I suppose.

I am fortunate enough to live in a town where a great disc jockey and rock historian also resides. Pete Fornatale graced us with a lecture and Q&A followed by part one of the Woodstock movie at our public library, another jewel of this town.

In thanks to Pete I will plug his book, Back to the Garden, which looks like it should be a great read.

And just because every time I see this video I laugh, I will leave you with this hysterical ‘translation’ of Joe Cocker’s Woodstock performance.

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Bowling for Tampons?

I kid you not!


i must admit that i procrastinated for a good 10 minutes bowling for tampons today instead of getting my work done. (if any of my clients who were waiting for their jobs are reading this i am only kidding). go ahead, play for awhile. i dare you to stop after one frame. a tip: i prefer nikki with the purple ball. once i figured out her curve ball i bowled a 257!

thanks to a post from my new friend at findingblanche, (hi wendy) i have been introduced to the site for dittie, a new tampon. seriously, do we need a new tampon? don’t tampax, playtex and OB basically have all our preferences covered?

and the bigger question is what on earth possessed these guys to position a tampon to be ‘serious about making your period more fun’. again, my favorite line comes to mind:


could this possibly be a marketing strategy conceived by ANYONE who has ever bled?

i personally am sans uterus after too many fibroids crowded my womb and i got fed up and yanked that baby out. (too crass?, whatevs). and i have to be perfectly honest. i just don’t feel all that left out about not having the opportunity to have more fun with my period. 

oh, one more plug for findingblanche, she has the most hysterical joe cocker vid on her blog that you must watch. 

wait, did i just use the word cocker in a tampon post…


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