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Campaign Voodoo-Op?

In celebration of the last presidential debate taking place just minutes away from where I live I thought I would bring this wonderful find to your attention.

Dover Publications has jumped on the election bandwagon with these campaign edition paper dolls. (fyi, if you are reading this on a blackberry you MUST find a computer to see this picture!)

I don’t think I can resist the buy. They are ‘collectibles’ for G-d sake. Somewhere down the line I know I will be so sorry if I don’t own these. Kind of like when I had to go back into the store to buy the Albert Einstein action figure last week. Hey, where did I put that? Isn’t it time I start posing him in odd places?

Take a look at the art on both of these. Obama has that suave debonair look of a 1960s James Bond. McCain? Well he has no neck for starters. Or maybe it is just that his head is not on right. (cheap shot, I know).

What struck me was their hands. The gestures are actually quite true to life. 

The best part of all? These come with election night scorecards! THAT is truly fabulous.

Maybe I should buy these for Jana to celebrate her first election! 

Go ahead, order them, they are only $7.99 each!

Now everyone get ready for the debate and don’t forget to drink on maverick.

I am very excited to be posting at 50-something mom blogs today. Don’t miss my tattoo thoughts.

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