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Floss over Fifty


Floss for people over 50?! Really?! Please tell me who thought this was a good idea. Marketing a product that specifically targets an age group sitting snugly on the tail end of the baby boomers. You know us. We hardly see ourselves as grow ups, let alone ones with aging gums. What is the likelihood that you will find us buying old people’s floss? Pro health “for life”. You know, because dead people don’t floss all that much.

If my Facebook page is any kind of focus group, I am thinking this one is not going to be a big seller. Here are some comments after I posted this picture and mentioned I would be writing a blog post about it:

I won’t be able to read the blog. I will be experiencing dental conditions because I don’t have this floss.

This floss is for dentures!

As opposed to floss for death? Who flosses in heaven? Doesn’t heaven mean no cavities?

is the font bigger so we can read the label without our glasses?

And an all-time fave:

Maybe it’s dipped in laxatives, vitamins and anti depressants.

Followed by

They should just dip it in wine!

Still surprised that Dr. Jimmy has not weighed in.

Is it bad to admit that I saw this while picking up my blood pressure meds?

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Making Lemonade from Dental Floss


Any Zappa fans out there?

Today, after a long but highly productive and very fun work day out of the basement, I took an hour long train ride to meet Gary for a concert about 20 minutes from where we live. 

Unfamiliar train station. Unfamiliar venue. Lost for 45 minutes in a 10 mile radius. Sounds fun right?

Luckily, I was too exhausted to get cranky and stayed calm.

We got to the show 45 minutes late. 

There was one seat.

After 20 minutes, the ushers determine there was a broken seat in the row. Not our problem? Wrong. Printed on the ticket it says, “no seating after the show begins”.

So we sat in the back. And it was fine. The music was great and the venue fantastic. The Ed Palermo Orchestra is a must see for Zappa fans. And even if you are not, his big band arrangements of Zappa music is a real treat.

Moving to Montana soon, gonna to be a dental floss tycoon…

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