Oh My Cherry?

Seriously, Zara? You really named your perfume ‘oh my cherry’ (nice typography BTW). Gotta admit it was pretty ballsy in a … well you know, cherry sort of way.

This was perched at the counter when I went to pay yesterday. I even commented to the cashier. “Really?!”, I said. “I know, right?” was her response. She said the employees were all surprised, but people love it.

Hey, who could pass this up? What a great gift item. Sort of a stocking stuffer, if you will.


Filed under absurdities, carry a camera, humor, marketing, products

5 responses to “Oh My Cherry?

  1. Ivy Mindlin

    Truth be told, you are as sick as she is…seriously Amy!!!!

  2. Uncle Neal

    So many double entendres, so little time!! You know how to “cherry” pick ’em!

  3. J.

    Looking forward to the feminine wash — and Zara’s new men’s fragrance, “what a cucumber!”

  4. Jodie

    Its very stupid but it smells really! Y actually said “Oh my God! This has to be a joke” whe I see it! But I decided to buy the smallest one and I liked!

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