Facebook Invitations – how far will they go?

If you are on Facebook I am sure you have friends who are users of these ridiculous (anti)social requests and invitations. I get them all the time. There is no end to the senseless applications that people use to try to socialize. Hey, you want to chat, comment on my status, send me a link? Great, I love to connect with old friends as well as new. But these hideous applications: ismile, farmville, mafia wars and now the one that surely crosses the line…

a feel your boobies invitation.

No, I did not make this one up. That graphic up there is an actual screen grab. Not gonna lie, it had me laughing.

It all started with my crazy HS friend whose Facebook status the other day was:

Listen I hate Farming and to join another family in Mafia wars would be crazy cause I cant handle my own.. SoooooooThe answer is NO.

The comments on this thread started to get really funny when she wrote:

I just got a” feel your boobies” request…has the whole freakin face book world gone mad…I kinda wanna say yes to see how they’re gonna pull this one off.

Hard to keep reading as I was laughing so hard. Then came this response from another HS friend:

would you please open your back door. I’VE BEEN OUT HERE KNOCKING ALL DAY!

and yet another:

OK so this form of fun is so much better than farming, mafia and so on. Let me know if your boobs get a rub down  as perhaps there are other feels out there!

So of course she sent me the request because I had to check it out. I am happy to report that not only is this application not porn (sorry guys, I know you were getting into this), but it is actually a breast cancer awareness foundation called, you guessed it, Feel Your Boobies, to promote self examination.

You can read about the app here and the join the facebook group here. Although I think this is a great program and I love the edge, it is unfortunate that at first glance on Facebook this was considered offensive or at best fodder for jokes. If I were not inquisitive and/or a student of social media I probably would have made fun of it, hit ignore and forgotton about it.

So, for my social media friends, was the use of Facebook for this program edgy or a fail? I am not sure where I weigh in on this. Again, being a lover of polls, let’s take a vote.

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7 responses to “Facebook Invitations – how far will they go?

  1. To me the internet has come a long way…remember when nearly every search you did pulled up porn? And even with the issues of twitter and FB I really don’t get anything offensive, so I probably would have thought it was a catchy breast cancer awareness app, but doubt I would have clicked just in case.

    I suspect more people would not have liked it…my husband, who continually makes up silly and innappropriate FB groups thought it would be creepy unless he got it from someone he knew well.

    • totally agree that we have become numb to the marketing. being in the business i think about it a lot. when you sit around a table trying to brainstorm a name for a program you try to break from the pack. sometimes you do, sometimes the tactics you use are trying to hard and you sabotage yourself. i guess it is better to push an fail than to be complacent.

  2. brian keane


  3. Rosanna Palette

    Reconnecting through this crazy place we call facebook has been a riot. I found the boy i loved in High School, I see what my son is doing in college, i talk to people i used to hang out with daily till we left the great place I knew as HIGH SCHOOL, Whats better. I could care less what antics they use as long as the people i love are somewhat connected to me

  4. I automatically thought that it was about breast cancer awareness. But I agree that there are way too many silly applications on Facebook. I can’t believe that so many people have both the time and inclination to get involved with them. I like having my facebook account, but I only spend on average 15 minutes a day on it.

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