Lawn Ornament Afterparty


I pass these three every morning on my walk. Today I felt compelled to share them with you. 

I simply love each one of them. Here is my take on the scenario:

Froggy: good chance he just did one of the bunnies. What, not what you were expecting? C’mon, look at that smug look on his face and his satiated stance. What else could have gone on here?

Bunny in the middle: Thinking this one was a witness not a participant. Seems kind of rejected or perhaps embarrassed.

Bunny on the right: Yep, this one looks pretty chipper and flirty.

What concerns me a little bit about sharing this with you all is the fact that I am starting to spill the contents of my warped mind into the blogosphere at a staggering rate. 

Oh, that and that fact that I am listed in some places as a mom blogger. Hey, nothing wrong with a little birds and bees lesson now and then. Or frogs and bunnies if you will. And the  co-mingling of species is a nice piece on tolerance. All in all I think this is a lovely little parenting post.

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7 responses to “Lawn Ornament Afterparty

  1. You know mom’s think about those things too! How else did we become mom’s? 😀

  2. joyce

    i think the bunny in the middle looks a little embarrassed. maybe she was actually part of a menage a trois…..
    its sick when i start to sound like you!

  3. Too funny, Joyce, that is what I originally wrote about the middle bunny!

  4. Lon Levin

    It is not co-mingling if between lawn ornaments.

  5. I love the way your mind works!
    I agree, tho the one in the middle is a little miffed that he/she was left out. And the bunny on the end is soo feeling superior…

  6. Ellen

    I was thinking that the bunny in the middle is the Mommy bunny and just found out that her daughter was in love with a FROG…(little does she know…he’s a frog prince).

  7. margi

    The bunny on the right is spilling all the details of her night with froggy to her shy friend. Obviously, it was good.

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