Oh, honey


Anyone who has ever shared a meal with my husband is accustomed to the familiar, “Tea please. Earl Grey. With honey.” 

Everywhere. He could be at a diner in Manchester, Tennessee with Dr. Jimmy and he will just assume that they will be able to accommodate his needs.

So, when we happened upon this jovial honey vendor with the very creative hive hat at the fabulous Dane County Farmers’ Market on opening day, it only seemed fitting to ask if he would pose with Gary. (Gary is such a good sport. Actually, I think he loves this shit). I little plug for Marsden’s Pure Honey since this honey man was so willing to allow us to take his picture.

Of course we purchased a pack of honey sticks so I could carry them in my bag in the event that a restaurant does not have honey.

Always fun when you dine with us.

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3 responses to “Oh, honey

  1. Girlfriend, I love your blogs! They’re short, creative, a little bit bizarre at times, but always worth a read. Although I may not have a chance to comment on every one, please know that you have an avid fan out here in Stamford, CT. Every morning I have a new blog from you waiting in my email Inbox. There’s no better way to start the day!

  2. ellen

    I am glad for the honey sticks..now he can never be unhappy at one of our fri nite dinners

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