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Every once in awhile I will post about something amusing that I see on the road. Let us not forget the ever famous We are #1 at picking up #2 Call-Ahead billboard post that landed me my most famous link in the ‘press’ section of their website. Another validating reason in my continuing effort to ALWAYS carry a camera. That has extended to video as well now that I have a Flip. Note to self: post more video.

Fasten your seatbelts, kiddies, I am about to take you on a wild tangent this fine day!

Today’s installment of what-the-hell-is-going-inside-this-crowded-noisy-little head-of-mine brings you Mambo Movers. I fell in love with the name – who would not like to take the drudgery out of a move by doing a little mambo on the stairs? I hopped over to their site to check them out and they have a ‘manifesto’. OMG, who does not love a mover with a manifesto? Check this out, here is a little bit about them:

The staff is hand-picked from the music and art scene of Philadelphia according to their philosophy of life and fitness to be a part of that unique Mambo World. They are friends and work together for many years. The 
Mambo Guys are musicians and artists, actors and philosophers – everything but the traditional image of the surly caveman mover. 

OMG, this not only makes me want to move right now, I just want to hang out with these guys. Jeez, a mover’s groupie, my parents would be so proud! (Dear Gary, I love you but I am think I found what I want to be when I grow up. I am moving to Philly to pursue my dream of working for Mambo Movers.)

It gets better, read this blurb from their ‘Patriarch’ Todd:

A friend once described Mambo as the place where ‘The Banana Splits’ meets ‘Quest For Fire’and while I’m not exactly sure what he meant, the vision pleased me. We would certainly make a good sitcom!

Todd, I think I am in falling in love with you!

For those who are to young (or old) to remember the Banana Splits please be assured I lived and died for that show when I was 7. Come to think of it, that show was way trippy!

I also simply love, love, love their logo. Hey, if you guys can stuff a rhino in a truck, you can move my crap anyday! So let me give a little link love to the designer of that logo, who seems to be a painter by trade, Alex Kanevsky. Beautiful work, Alex. And I am not saying that as just any lunatic driving down  95S on a sunny day in February, I am actually a designer myself.

Yes, kids, a road trip with me is a never a dull moment. If you were my poor spouse you would regularly hear things like, ” Wait slow down, I need to get this shot!” 

Or as my old friend Scott used to say, “That is not a shot, that is real life!”

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at 50-Something Moms Blog.

For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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4 responses to “Mambo Movers

  1. Ivy Mindlin

    I’m definitely too old…I keep forgetting you are my little brothers age…Banana Splits, who?

  2. Laves

    I’m thinking about building a garden. How are you with a pick & shovel? No furniture moving required…

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  4. When I sold the company to my guys a decade ago, they replaced Sparky the Truck, our old delightful logo, with Alex’ rhino, with absolutely no ceremony or loving kiss off.

    While I do really like the rhino, Sparky was engaging and endearing. It was like sitting in a bar havin’ a beer with Redi Kilowatt and some tattooed post punk snot nosed kids walk in and pull out vintage Mauser automatic pistols, shoot him dead, then leave without so much as a clever epithaph to finish my drink and muse over.

    I taught my own children to recognize a ‘big finish’. Note Jackie Wilson’s NIGHT…

    Havin’ fun!

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