Colon Medic?!


Colon Medic? Ew. Ew. Ew!!

Lose weight with your mate (oh jeez). Really, who wants to *flush out up to 25 pounds* in the presence of their mate. 

Seriously! Nice Valentines Day celebration. Honey, we are so happy together and I want to share the relief of my constipation and bloating with you. Let’s remove deadly toxins and make beautiful music together. (use your imagination on that last one). I love the picture. Um, honey I would step away from the back of that guy and fast!

Oh, best of all it is FREE. Could that be because no one would actually pay for this.

Hmmm, shipping not included, terms may apply. What kind of terms, I shudder to speculate.

Where did this come from? I got this as an email blast. I am the target customer for this because…?

Alternate product name: Tusch Dr.

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16 responses to “Colon Medic?!

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    It’s very romantic. A nice candle light dinner, a glass of wine, a colon cleanse…lovely

  2. I’m cracking up over here!

  3. Keith, your bro

    I think I lost 15 pounds today, without the assist. Feeling light and chipper.

  4. ellen

    Gee, Jed just asked me this morning if I would call you guys up and see if you wanted to get together for a colon cleanse this weekend…

  5. J.

    It’s the gift that says “I care.”

    And if that doesn’t float your Valentine’s Day boat, these gifts might.

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  7. Ann Heath

    Please cancel colonmedic, tooooo expensive

  8. james s. jones

    do not bill my account again.

  9. Barb Loeffler

    please cancel colon medic now

  10. Anyone see a pattern here. It would seem that many readers think that this blog is part of Colon Medic.

    FOLKS, this is a blog post poking fun at the company, you cannot cancel your order here.

    So it would appear that not only is their advertising ridiculous, they are not doing any online monitoring of social media AND their auto reorder policy is not being well received.

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  12. Janet Campion

    I wish to cancel and send back the product for a full

    Please send instructions


    I cancelled my order by phone now i would like information on how to send the product back to you and my account refunded. I never placed this order and am not happy that 88.97 was taken out of my account! i would appreciate immediate attention to this matter.

    Thank you,
    Terrie Billiel

  14. r jones

    i did not order this product and want my account credited. now

  15. let’s see. 6 comments asking to cancel this product. PEOPLE, does no one read. this is a blog post making fun of the product. I am not the company!!!


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