Obama covered with tampons?!

Ok, I know I said last month that I would be doing a Top 10 Search Terms post at the end of every month. But I am sure you will see why I could not wait another 17 days for this one. (and it was my rule so I can break it).

I swear this is not retouched (except for the red outline). Yes, I do have the skill set to recreate this but you have to trust me that this is an actual screen shot from two days ago. Although I was mildly entertained by ‘funny pictures fat guys in bathing suits’ as I am sure I have one of the funniest. And dorm room road signs’ had me intrigued (caution, empty beer cases ahead?). 

But this one. THIS ONE. Please tell me what would ever possess an individual to keyword in ‘obama covered in tampons’?!!! Under what circumstances would one think of this phrase? I mean, I know I wrote about Michelle Obama’s likeness to Wilma Flintstone (btw, this was all in good fun, I happen to like her) and of course I have had one or two tampon posts. But really how do those two get linked in a search. Troubling, no?

Remember those toilet paper bombs that people used to throw up on the bathroom ceiling in Jr. High School? (not Middle School, I am way too old for that). That was all I could think of.


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8 responses to “Obama covered with tampons?!

  1. Ry

    I just died a little…from laughter. When will the internet stop surprising me?

  2. You’re a candidate for Boing Boing, you know that right? I may submit this post to them!

  3. I have to admit, this one did have me laughing out loud myself. the level of absurdity is that one step higher.

  4. Those are classic.

    Personally, I especially like “surviving in the workplace as a krishna”! I get some really amusing images in my head.


  5. boy did this make me laugh. I HAD to go look at my stats and see what people searched for. My best?

    blanche is jewish
    nerd porn
    “love litigating lawyers day”

    can’t touch your Obama tampon dealio.

    you win!

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