Lucky 7s

Today is a very special day.

Today is my mom’s 77th birthday.

Oy, is she going to friggin’ kill me for letting you all know how old she is. But too bad, Ma, you deserve to have everyone wish you a happy, happy day.

I thought it would be a nice gift to share you with the internet – don’t worry, I bought you something too. 

Internet, meet my mom. Mom, meet the internet. Don’t worry Mom, for the most part they are very nice people.

Ok here goes…

It is hard to put into words how special my mother is. Growing up she was the ultimate mom. She has taught me, by example, what it truly means to be a parent. She rarely lost her cool (except that thing she did with her lips when we really pissed her off). Our ultimate cheerleader, we were raised to believe we could accomplish anything we set our hearts and minds to. Now my brother, he was a peace of cake to raise. Me, well, if you have been reading this blog, do the math.

Her home was – and still is – always perfect. Growing up I had no idea a house could get dirty. (oh boy, did I learn differently when I had my own place). And she always had the most awesome ‘goodie basket’ (think devil dogs and twinkies). Her garden is her pride and joy and it is beautiful (even if one damn flower was the cause of her breaking a hip last year!).

She is tall, elegant, and as Jana tells her when she has wardrobe doubts, grandmothers always wear the appropriate thing wherever they go.

She has a supportive word for everyone, for some reason thinks ALL babies are cute – even the ugly ones – and has pictures of dozens of them on her fridge. (seriously, send her a baby picture, even if your kid is really funny-looking she will hang it up in one of those lucite magnet frames). 

My mom has been no stranger to adversity and yet she rises above it all to live her life the only way she knows how:


to the point of tears! (go ahead, cry. you have the time).

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you.

(now really internet, don’t you think there should be some major commenting here today?)

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19 responses to “Lucky 7s

  1. Liz

    She sounds like a beautiful, special woman. You are very lucky! Happy Birthday Amy’s mom!

  2. Neal Shrier

    And here’s to you Mrs. Zimmerman
    Amy loves you more than you will know,
    Oh, oh, oh…

  3. coo, coo, ca choo! great comment neal

  4. Riki

    I am lucky enough to know Amy’s Mom and to love her and more important be loved by her. You forgot to mention the twizzlers whick my kids will always remember her for.

    I love you Mom and VERY HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  5. Ivy Mindlin

    Happy Birthday Mom. I know how special you are personally. Not only because I’ve spent time with you but because you are so much like my mom and she was also an incredible person. Amy and I share childhood stories all the time, it’s amazing that there are actually 2 of you…I would think we were talking about the same person.

    And when it comes to clean and tidy. My dad use to say if he got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, he’d come back and the bed would already be made.

    Happy Happy Birthday

  6. Keith

    Happy Birthday, Mommio-sir! The sun is out for you in Baltimore. See you later. I love you.

  7. Son #2

    Happy Birthday, Mom. Imagine I am sitting behind a drum set and singing… Happy Bithday to you (bang) Happy Birthday to you (bang) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOUUU (drum roll and double bang)
    Love you Giraffe:-)

  8. Double seven is the new beginning, everything will be coming up roses from now on. Luv ya luz

  9. Matt

    Happy Birthday Gram! I’ll be calling you soon and seeing you tomorrow…I’ll probably have more to say then.

    Aunt A — I’ve been reading your blog–bet you didnt know. Always good for a laugh as I’m busy plotting how to make this job interesting.

  10. jflorin

    I’m crying!!

    Happy Birthday Elaine!! You’re the best!
    Love Joanne

  11. geebamom

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

  12. Dana

    What a great number!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, Amy’s Mom! Enjoy your very special day, I’m certain you deserve it!

    P.S. Amy keep up the GREAT work!!

  13. Ronni

    Happy Birthday Auntie Mrs. Z

    You are and always have been oh so special to us. And by the way, your house was not that clean after Amy’s parties!!!!!

    Love ya and hope to see you at the beach!!!!

  14. Ry

    Happy Birthday Amy’s mom! If I knew any babies, I’d send you some pictures.

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  16. Sometimes wondered if I would end up either in a vase or being dried for a setting

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