Bathroom Branding?

This one has almost left me speechless. 

I said almost, you should know me better by now. 

This was sent to me by Riki (of the lost ring in the car fame). It brought up all sorts of questions for us. Like, do they really think that after taking a leak on a promo message you are more inclined to buy that product? “Honey, I just peed on an ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken, let’s go get some”.

Now think about this one. Who does the installation of these? Or better yet, who changes them!

For those who are in the healthcare field, note the joke in the photo. For those who are not, Flomax is a medication for male urinary symptoms. 

What really boggles my mind, is who thought of this and then better yet, was able to sell it in to a boss or investor? “Ok, so I have this great idea to brand urinal screens. That’s right, we are going out to sell the idea to brand managers that having people piss on their logo is a great way to get them to buy their products. What? No of course that does not have a negative connotation. This is brand loyalty at it’s finest. Get the consumer when he is most vulnerable, with this pecker in his hand. This is a gold mine I tell you!”

Now that is one great salesperson!

I particularly like the splash graphic. I certainly don’t want that illustrator using MY bathroom.

And finally, let’s look at the suggested markets.

Trade shows – as if you don’t see enough crap there, oh right this is about pee, not crap. Maybe we need to think about toilet liners. 

Radio stations – um…why? don’t get this.

Pharmaceuticals – viagra, anyone?

PSA’s (public service announcement for those not in the biz) – “urine, the anti-drug?” or maybe this is a good place to warn about drug testing. or is it just that PSA sounds like… never mind that was a cheap shot.

Beverage/Spirits – this one is obvious. you drink, you pee.

Pranks – ummmmm…duh!

Sports Rivalries – piss on your rivals!

I believe it is safe to say this is THE most ridiculous ad specialty I have seen yet (and I have seen many). But hey, what do I know? I thought botox cosmetics was a bad idea.

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11 responses to “Bathroom Branding?

  1. Liz

    I’m no expert (having never stood at a urinal) but don’t men generally look forward? Why not have a customized urinal tile to make your message stand out? Better yet, a banner ad running across the tiles.

  2. now there is an idea from the dept. of strategic thinking!

  3. I’m stilling shaking my head…


  4. That should be “STILL shaking…”

    Forgive me. It’s Friday.


  5. Fascinating. And Liz, they don’t look forward enough – as proven by our bathroom floor and walls.

  6. Neal Shrier

    Now isn’t that a real Pissah. I’ll say the cheap shot – Pissing on a PSA. I wonder if they accept returns?

  7. This is the AWESOMEST blog I’ve read today! Thanks for making me laugh…OUT LOUD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    P.S. Love me some KFC…

    P.P.S. For the record…I HATE splashback…so I always go to the stall. Is that too much information?

  8. Ry

    Wow! This paired up with the Urinal Fly and you’ve got yourself a good time in the bathroom! Just think, men might start spending more time in there than us!

  9. wow, great response. I will admit that I received an email from a friend who actually used this for a promo for some alcohol with a target market of young men (oh that would be all alcohol, i forgot). anyway, it was a huge success, to the point that people were stealing them!! that may be too disgusting for me to process!

  10. Ben

    I was at Smokey Bones the other day and saw the greatest invention I have ever seen! It was a football field goal post with a football attached to urinal screen in the urinal and it was genius! Guys aim at it while relieving themselves. You have to see it yourself, the website of the company that makes them is at and every sports bar should have these!

  11. Ben, thanks for pointing out the fun. If this is your brand there is no need to act as if you just saw it at a bar and thought it was cool. You can feel free to promote here but I would appreciate transparency. We like to keep it real here at i could cry.

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