Who Says You Cant Go Home Again?

The juxtaposition of these two signs struck me as rather ironic. Funny, this was the corner of Peaceful Valley Road and Back to Sodom Road… with a stop sign! Was that to make us think twice about ‘going back’? After all, we were driving down Peaceful Valley, what could be better? And we all know Sodom’s fate.

Surely a municipal group with a sense of humor.

Another weekend in the Adirondacks – for all those that missed me. My son co-chaired the annual charity event at his camp and we went back to spend money and… well, be proud.

For those who have not been reading along, my kids go to the summer camp that my husband and I attended. Besides the fundraiser it is also alumni weekend. Although we were amongst the oldest of the alum (by about 20 years I might add), it still feels like coming home when we are there. (No worries, this is no Sodom. Or Gommorah for that matter) The vibe, the culture, the love of place is so strong. And it feels identical to when we attended so many years ago.

When we hit the mountains, the air is different. It smells like home. It looks like home. In every way it FEELS like home.

So in my book, you can go home again. 

Now file this next picture under ‘these guys really had a sense of humor’. This is the corner of A. Hitchock and Peaceful Valley Road. 

I could not resist walking down this block to look for the Bates Motel.

No Luck.

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9 responses to “Who Says You Cant Go Home Again?

  1. I know that road! I’ve passed it on the way to my sister’s summer place near Loch Sheldrake. Crazy!

  2. scary, maybe there are two roads like this. maybe twighlight zone road is one block up. loch sheldrake is about 2.5 hours south west. this is up near gore mountain.

  3. Ry

    Wow, I want to live on A. Hitchcock so bad!

    I’m envious of your visit to the country. Reminds me I need to get out the city for awhile.

  4. funny, i thought the same thing. i even walked down the street to see if there were any houses i would be interested. kind of deliverance country sort of road. but it had a really cool lily pond that i took pictures of

  5. In a village in Oxfordshire, near where I live, there’s a Methodist Church on “Satin Lane”. Every single time I drive by, my brain plays a devilish little trick on me and forces me to read it as – you’ve got it – SATAN Lane.

    I just wish it was real. Hey, I COULD use Photoshop, couldn’t I? But that would be cheating.


  6. janet, amazing what the mind’s eye will do.

    photoshop is acceptable in advertising but not in real life, then it is cheating. unless of course you are talking about a photo of you or a loved one that you give a little cyber plastic surgery to. that is totally ok.

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  8. CC

    What’s with the color of the signage? Bright orange and blinding yellow? You’re not likely to miss the turn to The Bates’ hotel, are you?!

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