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The Bong is in the Eye of the Beholder

Stress crafting. That is what I called it. I was compelled to glue glass.

After collecting a season’s worth of glass corks from rosé wines, and obsessively scouring eBay for vintage pink depression glassware, I came up with some ideas for what to make.

This was the first piece. No it is NOT a bong!

It is a candlestick. But when I put this up on social, there were quite a few people who thought it was, in fact, a bong.

What does this say about my friends? Oh please, don’t judge.

Here are the rest of them. Yeh, I guess they all look like bongs, maybe.

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Home Candy


Those have to be my two most favorite words on earth. Seriously, talk about branding. The comfort of home and the rush of sugar. And this shot, with the confectionary dusting of snow in front of the sign is too good to be true.

When I took this picture I was not familiar with the store. Now that I have checked them out online I am hopelessly in love. Talk about innovation in merchandising. Kind of like a sale in a garage… garage sale? Their goods are the type of things that you could surely live without out but you think really NEED. 

Love. Love. Love.

Except for these fluffy mittens. These I don’t get at all. And I REALLY don’t get them at $70 or even the sale price of $59.50.

But the dog bowls… very cool. Kitchenware… want everything on this page (except the egg tray, just don’t serve this many eggs unless it is Passover) . The Vintage Collection is a riot. Pretty sure between my mom and I we have most of these items. I may have to rename this section ‘Nana’s Pantry’. (seriously Mom, check this out, you will crack up). And the grand finale… the wallets are very fun.

You just never know when you grab a quick shot walking down the street what you will uncover.

Again, that is why I always carry a camera.

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