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How did we ever live without the rice bra?

(credit: Triumph)

It seems those days of pining away to grow a little something other than what naturally sprouts in our bras have come and gone. Yes folks, those crazy kids at the Japanese lingerie company, Triumph, have come up with the solution to world hunger – the rice paddy bra.

My Tanbo Bra has cups that form a rice planter, because, well because who wouldn’t want to grow a little crop close to their bosom? Oh right, EVERYONE.

Don’t be silly, you don’t grow the rice on your body, you take it off, put the two cups together and they form a little planter. And I believe with each purchase you receive gardening gloves and belt that is a hose. A love little accessorizing!

These guys are a riot. Who knew the Japanese had such a sense of humor about foundation garments? They come up with a novelty bra every year like the golf bra (I know a few women I could by this one for – Riki, Cindy and Linda come to mind), and the solar panel bra which looks like it comes with panties too (very green!).

Ok, here is a little treat for you because who does not love a Japanese demo video. That’s right no one.

And of course in case you were wondering, this is surely MFTA approved.

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