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I’d Walk a Mile for a Camel


Driving down a street in a neighboring town Danny and I came across this…

lawn camel?

Seriously, what the hell? A quiet suburban street with fairly regular homes, nothing extraordinary about this neighborhood until we saw this silver fiberglass saddled, tassled camel parked on the neatly kept front lawn.

I did a little web searching on camel symbolism and came up with this lovely interpretation of camel dreams (anyone having these lately?)

To see this beast of burden, signifies that you will entertain great patience and fortitude in time of almost unbearable anguish and failures that will seemingly sweep every vestige of hope from you. To own a camel, is a sign that you will possess rich mining property. To see a herd of camels on the desert, denotes assistance when all human aid seems at a low ebb, and of sickness from which you will arise, contrary to all expectations.

Hey, with the shape the world is in these days it is no wonder we don’t see a camel on every lawn.

Whatever happened to those garden gnomes (my grandparents had one) or the cute little family of plaster ducks crossing the lawn (my parents had these). Or Pink Flamingos for G-d sake. They were the bomb!

Lawn decor. Now that would be a great photo book for me to do…

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Pink Flamingos

We stumbled upon this scene on a back road in the Adirondacks last week. John Waters would surely have loved this! We are not quite sure if the owner/artist put that flamingo in the mouth of that creature, or if it was some drunken prank from the night before.

Nonetheless, it was worthy of my making the poor husband turn around to get the shot.

I believe his exact words were, ” This is absolutely the last time I am stopping for a photograph” which translates into “Enough of this crap you snap happy bee-otch.

Now honestly Gary, wasn’t it worth it?

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