Pink Flamingos

We stumbled upon this scene on a back road in the Adirondacks last week. John Waters would surely have loved this! We are not quite sure if the owner/artist put that flamingo in the mouth of that creature, or if it was some drunken prank from the night before.

Nonetheless, it was worthy of my making the poor husband turn around to get the shot.

I believe his exact words were, ” This is absolutely the last time I am stopping for a photograph” which translates into “Enough of this crap you snap happy bee-otch.

Now honestly Gary, wasn’t it worth it?

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4 responses to “Pink Flamingos

  1. Ry

    Okay, that’s it, we are definitely kindred spirits. In fact, I just finished texting a pink flamingos quote to my fella. It’s one of our “in jokes”. Only special people understand the power of Pink Flamingos.

    Stopping for that photo was soooo worth it.

  2. This is my favorite pink flamingo shot (next to yours’ of course!). I had only been at school for a couple of weeks…

  3. WOW, you all must click on Liz’s link. If I saw that may first two weeks of school I would have though I died and went to heaven. AHH…Madtown WI, what a great place to go to school!

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